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My TED Indulgence Today!

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My TED indulgence: TED speakers are inspiring others with their thoughts and ideas. Today I took a moment to learn more about Social Science with Amy Cuddy as she shares her life studies and knowledge about non-verbal language and how 2 minutes can change your life.

I am always interested in what other people's body language is telling me.  I must also ask myself, what am I telling others about me? How to show power when you feel powerless? Can you fake it till you make?  Here I learned about how if you change your non-verbals and you can change your brain! Thank you, Amy Cuddy, for sharing.

What are some of your favorite TED Talks?  I am always interested in a recommendation from someone who has found an article or clip inspirational and life changing. I often visit TED.com and I don't know where to start.  I would love some recommendations and lift each other up.  Share in the comments section if you have some favorites. 

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