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Pokemon Go Secrets and Tips for Catching Them All

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       New Theory Magazine: Lauren Evonn

Pokemon Go: The Secret To Catching 'Em All Revealed 

I think it’s safe to say that the Pok√©mon Go craze has pretty much taken over our lives. Even if you haven’t jumped on
the bandwagon, you’re at least very aware of, and possibly annoyed by its existence. People from different generations and walks of life are all participating in this one collective experience. 
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Pokemon Go is now the biggest mobile game app in history. I love that it is interactive for groups and individuals alike. It brings people together. I am having some friend over for dinner.  After a little food and beverage consumption,  we are going to let the fun begin as we play together and find the little buggers and (try to) impress our kids with our team. #boomersmarts. 

Have you played yet?  Do you have any tips for our dinner party? Hurry up before the Ads start.  If you are a store, this could be a game changer for brick and mortar to have your store featured on the app for people playing in your area!  Inquiring Minds Must Know. 

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