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I'm back, and what a week it was! Last week I attended the Design Bloggers Conference sponsored by Esteem Media and Traditional Home in Beverly Hills, California. (#DBCLA) I can't believe that it has been a year since I started this blog.  I was inspired and amazed at all the wonderful Design Bloggers presenting and the doors of opportunity that they have opened as a result of their online profiles and blogs.  It was a good shot in the arm of enthusiasm for continuing and embracing the excitment I feel for our industry. 

The annual Design Bloggers Conference is in its the 6th year and they had over 2, 000 attendees and vendors.  I am always interested in learning from others in this industry and the conversation and focus this year was on concepts and ideas for branding in the Interior Design business, how to be noticed in this noisy space called the internet, and highlights of new and exciting bloggers who were honored with the Hall of Fame Awards. 

Here are a few highlights: 

Timothy Corrigan knows a few things about Branding your Business.  
Prior to becoming an Internationally recognized Designer, Timothy Corrigan was the Director of Advertising for Saatchi and Saatchi. He had his branding path mapped out from the beginning of his design career from his experience in advertising and creating large corporate brands for years before becoming a designer. 

Timothy also introduced us to his new collection with THG Paris, a manufacturer of exquisite bathroom fixtures, a luxury brand and a symbol of the French Art of Living.  The "West Coast Collection" by Timothy is jewelry for the bathroom, it will propel this Brand into view of the Amercian Market with his ability to promote products and himself! 

New THG Paris introduction designed by Timothy Corrigan 

So what was his message? Stay the course, and plan your path. Bringing your Brand into view is achievable with focus, social media, and a good vision. 

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Velvet & Linen are divine!
Brooke (interior designer) and Steve (architect) Giannetti have recently built a wonderful gentleman's Farm, called Patina Farm, in the Ojai Valley California.  They are designers, book authors, shop owners and bloggers. 

Using their vision and aesthetics from the farm, they have created a Lifestyle Brand and a design portfolio for acquiring clients in addition to a Velvet & Linen Furniture Line, a variety of Books, and a new Clothing Line that will launch in 2017!   

They believe that as they dedicate themselves to creating beautiful and functional indoor and outdoor spaces, and share these view online in a blog, on social media, their new clients get a sense of their taste, lifestyle, and budget as they read and follow their blog. Because of this process,  they have acquired wonderful Interior Design and Architecture clients who share similar aesthetics, who were fans or were inspired from their site. They do not need to sell their services or concepts as hard, the clients they acquire are onboard before they start.  

It all started with a garden in their front yard and a few chickens in the side yard of their suburban home in Santa Monica, CA.  Seen below on the right, these cute little silkies chickens are their first livestock members, and they are legacy members of the farm in their new location in the Ojai Valley. 
Scenes from the Farm
Key takeaway: Thier personal stories and images attracted like minded people as clients.  They have two books out that I must recommend.  It's a beautiful visual diary of their life, products, design and ideas. 

Patina Farm: Amazon
A new farm home blending modern lines and materials with French antiques.

How to Make a 100K a year!
Laurel Bern (interior designer) now full-time Blogger was da Bomb!  She laid it all out from the foundation of having good content, SEO, backlinks and fabulous titles to wake up your audience. But the most important piece?  It's all about the email list! Check out her Blog here

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Shea McGee!
Shea (interior designer) attributes her Instagram account as the main source for a constant flow of clients and shoppers to her boutique.  

It wasn't always that easy, and there were times when they weren't sure this is going to work.  Well, fast forward to today.  

This husband and wife team now have over 400, 000 followers on just Instagram and a thriving Shop and Design Studio in Los Angeles with 30 employees! While she works primarily in Blue and White lately, her rooms are usually punctuated with contrast.  

Visit their shop beautiful shop just launched in 2016 Studio McGee

New Media Landscapes and PR for Interior Design!
Great information and insights from this panel moderated by Clinton Smith, editor in chief of Veranda.  Featuring Christina Juarez, Kristin Giese, Elizabeth Blitzer and Andrew Joseph. 

And the Award Goes To......
The 2017 Hall of Fame Awards
Nora Murphy of Nora Murphy Country House, 2016 winner of the DBC Hall of Fame award, presents the award to the 2017 recipient! 

Nora Murphy: Connecticut was in the house big time! 

Best Overall Design Blog

The Sunny Side Up

Congratulations to the winner of 2017: The Sunny Side Up

Best Design Blog Graphics, Photography, and Presentation

Driven by D├ęcor

Congratulations to the winner of 2017: Driven by Decor 
(Connecticut was in the house again!) 

Best Writing on a Design Blog
Centered by Design

Congratulations to the winner of 2017: Centered by Design 
( great title) 

Claire of "Centered by Design" Winner of the 2017 Hall of Fame Award for best overall Design Blog. 

How to take 500 years of English Tradition and History and create a Brand elegantly. 

Keynote Speaker, Lord Spencer was interviewed by the charming Stacy Kunstal of Dunes and Duchess.  If you are a designer, you need to know Stacy and her company, Dunes and Duchess. The two discussed the Althorp collection with Theodore Alexander, the Literary Festival, and Family Heritage.  

As @cspencer1508 reminded everyone at the @designbloggersconference today, "Good taste is authentic and authenticity is good taste." Thank you for sharing your @theoblog furniture line from @althorpestate with us! . . . #wordstoliveby #dbcla #earlspencer #althorp #theodorealexander #royalblush by @dunesandduchess

"How to take a castle that you have cared for centuries and have it take care of you."

Lord Spencer shared the common struggle many heirs face when caring for a castle from the 1500's and its need for repairs upkeep becoming all consuming. (aka the money pit)  He had to decide how to brand the family history and products to create a resource for maintaining the property, yet also maintaining the integrity of this wonderful Estate and the Family history.  

He partnered with Theodore Alexander to create a yearly release of 10 reproductions from the castle's historical furnishings and elements of the stately home.  Each year they carefully select 10 items to reproduce and offer to the public. 

This is just one of my favorite from the Althorp Collection: 
Theodore Alexander 

How to get published 
Linda Weinstein, the founder of the One Room Challange, shared her insight and methodology for navigating the branding opportunities and relationship development needed to get your site noticed.   

Linda Weinstein of the One Room Challange 

The English Room!
Holly Phillips,  interior designer, and design blogger shares her success with using affiliate links and creating a revenue stream to support her site. It's all about the tools.  

The conference was a wonderful collection of inspiration and classes on everything from managing your social media, google analytics to affiliate links.  It was also a wonderful time to spend time with some of my talented design and blogging friends. 

For those of you that follow me on INSTAGRAM you know, I had a wonderful time with some of my favorite Design Blogger buddies while attending the Design Bloggers conference.

 (L-R) Deborah von Donop, Mally Skok, Laurel Bern 

(L-R) back: Deborah von Donop, Carla Aston, Amanda Gates, Linda Holt  front: Susie Feia

(L_R) Linda Holt, tbd, Leslie Carothers, Susie Feia, Adam Japko 

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Susie of  Feia Construction
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Kelsey of Famers Daughter Interiors (Hall of Fame Winner)

 Deborah von Donop, ASID, NCIDQ, LEED 
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