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Sites for Interior Designers to Submit Articles

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic: This is the golden ring for any blogger trying to build their business website and audience.  One of the best methods for increasing your traffic is by submitting your valuable articles to larger publishers for better audience exposure. This is a subject of one workshop being offered at the DESIGN BLOGGERS CONFERENCE  in LA this year. 

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Know the Guidelines:

Many magazines will usually provide their own “writer’s guidelines” to tell writers what the editor wants and doesn’t want to help you craft a story in their voice, and to tell you what type of articles and departments are open to freelance submittals.

Real Strategies for Designers on how to  Submit Articles for Publication

I am so excited to introduce you to fellow Design Bloggers Conference, speaker, author, and marketing guru, Amy Flurry who has recently published a new book "Recipe for Press" for Interior Designers.   This book outlines the secret sauce for getting published, and a recommended read for not only interior designers but anyone providing services or products in the decor industry.  

Easy read, very applicable. Look forward to putting her tips into practice and seeing how they affect our business. Good layout and pictures too.

Reach more people, self-publish today and also expand your audience/ reach by submitting articles to these sites.  This is a partial list and you will need to research the key contacts, or you can purchase Amy's book for all the information and yearly updates on contacts! 

  • Local Papers
  • Local Magazines 
  • Design Sponge
  • Rue Daily 
  • HGTV
  • Houzz
  • Guest Post with Other Blogger

You can create your own list, and keep it up to date.  It is time-consuming to compile.  With Amy's list, you can reach the editors directly.  "Just Saying" She also provides their SM contacts. This works very well for gaining new links for online authorities in your niche and will bring additional views and traffic to your site, and let us talk SEO.  Just having an established online magazine linking to your site, is the golden ring of Google SEO. 

5 tips for submitting your work, 

1. Craft Your Email Pitch.  Make sure its a well-crafted elevator pitch. 
2.  Have great images:  Invest in professional photography. 
3.  Review the Editorial Calander:  Know what is the schedule of content for each publication to pitch to what they are currently curating. (usually 2-3 months in advance) 
4. If at first, you don't succeed, try again. Yes, do not get discouraged if your first contact is not successful. Continue the discussion. 
5. Create Content with publishing intent!!! 

Update: Feb 2018
Amy was recently interviewed on "The Design Style Podcast: by designers, for designers. here 

Did I miss any other publishing platforms for Interior Designers?  I would love your suggestions to add to this list. For more information on writing that perfect query letter to the editor visit: Freelance writing 

Social Platforms: Self-publish is at your fingertips

  • Facebook:
  • Yes, this is a great place to publish.  Facebook's top dog status makes this a Social Platform that will offer your article and have Instant articles are shared more freely on this site. 
  • G+:
  • Often overlooked, this is another great place to publish.  This is a Google-owned Social Platform.  It offers great SEO benefits for articles shared here. 

Bloggers Tool Box:
If you would like to learn more about the essential tools for making money on your website, how about working with Sponsored content? This is a great forum for earning money with your blog.  We have a list of Networks for your here- "How To Make Money From Your Blog"


If you found this list useful, please consider pinning the image at the top, tweeting, or sharing it in any way with a link back to this post. Thank you so very much. 

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THE RECAP: New Year has officially kicked off with registration now open with New York hosting ICFF \ NYNOW this February 4 - 8th.

Meanwhile, New York shoppers have a lot to look forward to this season: Gucci announced an exclusive collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman for its highly-anticipated Gucci D├ęcor line and the Soho outpost of MoMA’s design store launched the debut of HAY’s kitchen line.

Meanwhile, Brunschwig & Fils became the latest high-end purveyor to make its foray into outdoor fabrics and Ralph Lauren resurrected the popular Lauren Home brand.

 THE WEEK AHEAD Anticipation is in the air with KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show)  opening on in a few weeks on January 8, in Orlando,  Florida.  For those interested in the latest introductions follow along on Instagram as I share highlights from the Market the latest introductions and the latest trends to emerge from the Winter market. For a look at past market highlights, visit here. 

**Some posts on dvd Interior Design contain affiliate links meaning that at no additional cost to you, I may get a small commission if you make a purchase. All linked items are ones that I truly love, fit my style, and would use in my own home and help me to maintain this website. Thank you for your support.  

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