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Design Bloggers Conference : dvd Interior Design 

A big thank you to all who came to hear me speak about Income Funnels to Monetize Your Site at the
Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles yesterday. I was so honored to be part of such a great line up. While it was wonderful to see so many friends and meet some new members of the Interior Design Inter-web Community my special treat was seeing the other speakers and gaining new insights into how we manage our businesses online and offline. 

What did we talk about?  

Deborah speaking at the DBC 

Are you having difficulty spreading the message about you and your firm?  Do you want to add profitability to your marketing strategy?  How to get your blog to work for you and your social platforms. 
Were any of these a yes for you?  If so, then you should consider attending the conference next February in Atlanta, GA. #DBC2019 

For those that joined me this year, here is the list of Networks that I have worked with for your reference.  

This is not everyone, but I think I have filtered through some of the current networks to be some of the best that I know. 

I wish you continued and increased success online. 

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Advertising Networks 
Advertising Notes: Find the best placements for your ads, Decide if they need to be responsive, make sure they are google approved so they will not be blocked, continue to create new content., get your readers use to a few ads before you fully optimize. You can set up and sell ad space on your site where ever you choose. You are the direct broker, setting up pricing and advertisers.

Affiliate Networks
  • ShareASale: Affiliate website broker. This is the first site I ever used when working with affiliate links.  This is also a premier network and they have great Brands including, but not limited to Wayfair, Belle and June, Electronics, Wine Clubs
  • Linkshare: Affiliate website broker. Payments via direct deposit or check the listings. Average post for me is $100.
  • Amazon Associates:  Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs to signup for and promote. This is an easy site to find and share products from for a variety of reasons.  A.  They have everything!  B. People trust this site.  So when you refer someone to visit Amazon, the will immediately feel comfortable shopping on this site, they may even already be a  prime member,  making them more likely to purchase products recommended.  C.  I met with Amazon at High Point, and Amazon is expanding aggressively into home furnishings market.
  • CJ Comision Junction:  Affiliate website broker. I find that they have everything that "Share a Sale" does not have
  • RewardsStyle: This is a premier affiliate broker.  You must have over 150k UMV and be referred.  If you have the traffic this is a broker with seamless tools for your Blog and Instagram.  They also host wonderful networking conferences to attend.  

  • ShopStyle: If you do not have the traffic required for RewardStyle, this is a great network to start with.  Easy to use tools and you receive a small credit for clicks on your site, not just purchases. So if you do not have enough traffic to convert sales, I recommend you start here. A great selection of Home Decor brands is also available.  

Affiliate Notes: You must develop a loyal audience and traffic to make money here, or in any funnel.  As you grow in traffic, so will your conversations and income.  (Tip: Start by monetizing your most popular posts, then add new posts monthly ) and create content. 

Influencer Networks for Sponsored Content 

Keynotes and Workshops

Esteem Media presented its annual DBC in LA this year with the celebrated designer, Miles Redd, Jamie Drake, along with Carolyne Roehm, Michelle Workman and the dynamic duo of Consort Design LA. 

Everyone was very inspired and by the honesty and straight talk of Justina Blakeney, who spoke to us about business and branding. Her appreciation for licensed products, but a financial appreciation for sponsored Content!  

This conference and speakers explored the intersection of interior design and new media. 

For more  about the conference and the speakers, see our recap here: 
Design Bloggers Conference Recap

We also wrote a post about the 2017 DBC, the highlights are here: Design Thoughts and Inspirations From the Design Bloggers Conference. 

Next Year: Atlanta, GA here we come!



The conference offers attendees a unique opportunity to participate in the intersection of interior design and the world of new media including blogging, social media, e-commerce, digital branding, book publishing, line promotion, and more.

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About Deborah von Donop: Deborah is the founder of dvd Interior Design Studio located in Greenwich, CT 06830.  This is where she shares beautiful design inspirations and highlights about design events and tips for creating a beautifully layered home. She likes to share new products, her favorite things, and resources for decor enthusiasts who are interested in paring antiques with modern elements, and beautiful fabrics. When she isn't working, you can find her reading, walking, doing yoga, or driving her children every day, everywhere. Connect with Deborah on Google+

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THE RECAP: To see more photos and product highlights from our trip to High Point Market read our previous posts " HIGH POINT MARKET INTRODUCTIONS".  

Also: We visited NYNOW this spring, and were so inspired by the Handmade and sustainable marketplace.  See more highlights about this market here " NY Now Market 2018". 

Meanwhile, The Design Bloggers Conference 2019 is happening February !  This is the only Conference focused on Interior Designer.  I will be conducting another workshop this year!  not to miss 

Not sure if you should attend? 
My friend Carla Aston of Carla Aston Design wrote an interesting and insightful ( that's Carla's style) article about last years DBC and her key takeaways and actions that she put to talk, and the results.  

THE WEEK AHEAD Anticipation is in the air with ICFF and Architectural Digest Show coming to NYC May 20-23, 2018 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. For those interested in the latest introductions follow along on Instagram as I share from the Market the latest introductions and the latest trends to emerge from the SPRING market.

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Design Bloggers Conference Notes for Building Income Funnels for Your Site. How Bloggers make money. How to make money, how long does it take, and what are the tricks. 
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