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Dwell on Design: The largest Design Fair on the West Coast

 Sponsored: Succulents, Fast Cars, and Beautiful Decor. Last week I had the pleasure of attending Dwell on Design in Los Angeles as a member of a DesignHound Design Tour courtesy of  Modenus, The Design Resource. 

This event was abuzz with a display of who's who in design, with over 200 exhibitors, and keynote discussions as the editors of Dwell Magazine and  Dwell on Design 2018  returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the latest industry updates.  PreFab construction resources, outdoor living in trailers, sustainable materials and practices, architecture and design showcases,  keynotes with Karim Rashid and Jonathan Adler, the introduction of the new luxury hybrid Karma Automotive, and more! 


Just in case you missed my reporting from the field on Instagram, we're sharing a recap of the Dwell on Design events at Los Angeles Convention Center. 

Accommodations and inspiration abound at The Line Hotel, Koreatown, CA 

This event overall included four full days of exhibitions, showcases of the latest products, cutting-edge technologies, and speakers from the industry all under one roof at the LA Convention Center. Also not to be missed were the "Dwell Home Tours" previewing the latest in million dollar architecture and real estate.  Oh, and a rooftop party! 
Take a look. 

2018 KARMA REVERO Test drive! 
403 Horsepower engine with a peppy kick


Born Again: The 2017 Karma Revero is the reintroduction of an earlier prototype called the Fisker Auto from 2012 that unfortunately fell into financial difficulties.  This stylish car is getting a second chance at life thanks to a Chinese auto parts maker, who purchased the bankrupt Fisker Automotive and its battery supplier to bring it back. From the ashes of disaster, we find the new success for the stylish hybrid, Karma sports car.  Oh, and did I mention the 403-horsepower Revero hybrid engine! 

DESIGN BOX CHALLENGE: Students of Design Highlight
And the winner is....
Marbe Briceno Interiors 
The Geometric Bedroom: One of our favorites from the LA Convention Center was the "Design Box Challange". This geometric delight is designed by Marbe Briceno Interiors.  This was probably the most photographed vinyet. 


image via Design Milk

Art of the Room: image via 

This is the 4th featured room by The Art of the Room Design.  Lovely layers of colors and textures. 

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OUTDOOR LIVING: The Happier Camper

This camper makes me want to go camping tomorrow.  Reconnect with nature without all the stress with the Happier Camper.  This made in LA camper is the coolest lightweight camper for traveling sporting a modern aesthetic and a little luxury into the trip.  It's cute, its retro, and offers the comfort of home in the woods.  That's just the beginning of the fun.  Check them out ( here )

FEATURED SPEAKER: Karim Rashid, followed by book signing. 


Artist, Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, and Entrepreneur,  Karim Rashid delivered a truly inspirational and thought-provoking presentation.  He spoke at length with high energy about the integrities of design and our responsibility for the earth in our decisions and choices.  Such a pleasure to listen too, and consider his message. I am a renewed fan.

The Designhounds team:  They were busy taking notes and listening to Karim. 

OUTDOOR LIVING: Swing table by The Last Workshop 

Designed by Ben Hanisch: Everyone is happier in a swing. They work well inside or out, and they conjure happy memories of lazy summertime afternoons spent with friends and family. Simple, modern and even more fun with the kinetic movement offered in the swing seat.  Everyone was smiling at this table. The Last Workshop

JEWELRY: Wearable Architecture by Zimarty 

Happy Customers! 

HOW TO DECORATE WITH ART: Bobby Berk : Queer Eye 

For more on Dwell, see our posts below on everything from LA Home Tours and including the LA Design Trail.
Dwell on Design: Designhound Los Angeles 

We appreciate our sponsors who made this trip possible. 
Dwell on Design 
  I received compensation in the form of travel and an event ticket in exchange for my review.  I take pride in reviewing only products and events that I feel will be beneficial to my readers and all the opinions are my own. I hoped you Enjoyed a peek in LA's largest design event! 

Also, a big thank you to Veronika Miller of Modenus and her amazing team, Florence, James and Jen who made this trip possible. 

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The Commissary: Line Hotel

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Carla Aston of Aston Design also offers a look at a few vendors here in her post on DWELL "Good Design as the Common Thread for Dwell on Design".   The NKBA was well represented by the delightful Elle Millard CKD, industry relations manager, National Kitchen & Bath Association, and her recap is here. DWELL A Visual Whirlwind.

Also: In Tulum Mexico, and artful space by IK Lab's new seaside gallery features curved walls like the NYC Guggenheim original—and a few other surprising features visit "Step inside Tulum's Treehouse".

For my fellow speed racer and design comrade,  Claire Jefford offers some insight into DWELL and her favorite takeaways (here).

THE WEEK AHEAD Anticipation is in the air with Wanted Design NYC and ICFF NYC opening this weekend.  For those interested in the latest introductions follow along on Instagram and Facebook as I share from the Market the latest introductions and the latest trends to emerge from the Spring Furniture and Handmade Goods. The opening party is going to be fun as well!

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