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Sponsored: In case you've been avoiding social media, we've rounded up some of the top homes presented at last week's LA Design Event, "Dwell on Design".  We met Jonathan Adler, Drove the ultra-luxury hybrid " KARMA " car, we were inspired by industrial designer, and thought leader Karim Raschid, and were entertained by Dwell with a special VIP dinner with LA's architects and designers at the sensational Barrington Residence, in Brentwood, CA. a 2017 Home Tour inductee.  
eric-rosen-architects-barrington-dwell-on-design-designhounds-dwell magazine-modern home-tours-assemblege-chacol

The Dwell Home Tours is always a wonderful opportunity to see in person the many new architectural delights and an opportunity to tour million dollar properties in Brentwood, Belair, and Hollywood Hills above the city with amazing views. Take a look:

Barrington Home: Architect: Eric Rosen Architects
Brentwood, CA
eric-rosen-architects-barrington-dwell-on-design-designhounds-dwell magazine-modern home
image via DEZEEN 
This amazing home, "The Barrington Residence", was part of the Dwell 2017 Home Tour, and what an architectural gem.  Located in the affluent neighborhood of Brentwood, and on a beautiful property with views of the canyon, evening sunsets and the Getty Museum, this home blends into the hillside in a beautiful response to the land.  
eric-rosen-architects-barrington-dwell-on-design-designhounds-dwell magazine-modern home
The bedroom balcony
eric-rosen-architects-barrington-dwell-on-design-designhounds-dwell magazine-modern home
image via Architex

With sustainability at the forefront of the design process for this home, the relationship of the structure of this building into the land is to be applauded.  This is intelligent architecture embodies responsible building principles on this sloped property in the canyon area.  It is unfortunate to see the beautiful hillside that draws residents to this area, destroyed by many builders and architects using massive concrete footings and bearing walls embedded along the canyon walls to support the weight of poorly designed McMansions. These often appear like scares on the sides of the hills. The Barrington Residence was instead, built-in relationship with the land, creating not only luxury living but a variety of vistas and views from each room through the integration with the sloped site. 
Treetop vista at the Barrington Residence Pool View Upper level

This home also showcases the LA style of Al Fresco, with blurred lines between the inside and the outside. For more image of the fabulous home and more views on indoor and outdoor living visit Dezeen, for the full feature on Rosen Architects' portfolio for more images on this and other projects. 
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Dwell on Design VIP dinner at the Barrington Home: Brentwood, CA: Architect Eric Rosen Architects 

Marcheeta Home: Architect: Cha:col Studio
Hollywood Hills, CA. 
Dwell Home tours , dwell-on-design-modenus-designmilk-dhla18 Interior Design, Graphic Design, Green Design,marcheeta, chacol-studio-Product Design
Million Dollar Real Estate 
Dwell Home tours , dwell-on-design-modenus-designmilk-dhla18 Interior Design, Graphic Design, Green Design,marcheeta, chacol-studio-Product Design

Dwell Home tours , dwell-on-design-modenus-designmilk-dhla18 Interior Design, Graphic Design, Green Design,marcheeta, chacol-studio-Product Design
image via @InteriorStyle 
A seamless transition between indoors and outdoors by using moving glass wall systems that can open up a room to the outside and stack into the architecture of the building increases the square footage with an integrated indoor/outdoor living area and a view of the city.

Sailing the high hills above the city lights, design inspiration abounds at Marchetta Residence.  This Home Tour was a wonderful opportunity to see this luxury estate, designed by Cha:Col Studios and located in the hills above Los Angeles with wonderful vista views of the city valley.
Take a look at this kitchen! 

Dwell Home tours , dwell-on-design-modenus-designmilk-dhla18 Interior Design, Graphic Design, Green Design,marcheeta, chacol-studio-Product Design
image via @theenglishroom 
Lower level Jacuzzi with a light + rain well accented by this lush living wall! High-level design and craftsmanship make this the Grand Master of LA Homes.  One of my favorites.  Los Angeles luxury real estate for sale!

Berkley House: Architects: Cha:col Studio 
Silver Lake, CA.

CHA : COL Architecture 

dwell-on-design-home-tours-LA-Elle-H-Millard_NKB-KBIS ChaChol-studio-kitchen-desig- dvd-interior-design-New-cannan- CTn
Fellow Blog tour attendee, Elle H Millard was inspired! 

An open modern kitchen with shelving! 

More blurred lines on an indoor-outdoor transition between being inside and outside.  Consumers want to be able to combine their outdoor space with the indoor floor plan. 

Succulents are the new vegetation.  It dominated our Instagram feeds.  Full of color and drought tolerant, the is the plant for southern desserts like LA with limited water supply. 

Wonderland Home: Architect: Assembledge
Baldwin Hills, CA. 

assemblage- dwell-on-design-home-tours-la

Blurring the lines and living outdoors and in.  Collapsable windows were seen at every residence, allowing a home to enlarge by opening up to the backyard and pool area. 

Open windows and light wells create delightful Entry and Open Kitchen area. 

Indoor / outdoor relationship with expansive windows among the treetops.  This was a favorite bathroom for most of us!

Assembledge Dwell-on-Design home tour designhounds-los-angeles 2018
Outside view up to the bathroom Wonderland Residence: Assmebledge

Back Yard Delights at Wonderland Residence with plenty of succulents. 

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The Spaniard: Architect: Hu mn Labs
El Segundo, California
"Cold and stark aren’t the only misconceptions about modern design. People confuse contemporary with modernism,” Bryan says. “Contemporary means ‘of the times,’ and modernism is timeless. There’s a big difference.”

The Spaniard: El Segundo, CA 

Overall kitchen area image via Southbay

This amazing kitchen is a yes. We have a few tips for planning and building a Kitchen like this. What makes this kitchen so wonderful? 

It hosts the 5 essential elements, it's Organized, Functional, Practical, sufficient Lighting, and a wonderful selection of Materials that are easy to maintain and seamlessly align with the architecture of this home. Add to that a touch of stylish in black and white with modern (current), and you have the perfect recipe for a family kitchen and for entertaining. 

The ideals Family Kitchen: The Spaniard by Hu mn Lab 

Design Notes: I love the granite island with a waterfall edge, the easy to maintain porcelain floor with radiant heat, and expansive windows open to the backyard for that indoor /outdoor transition. Kitchens are the number 1 best return on your investment for your home.

We appreciate our sponsors who made this trip possible. 

Also, a big thank you to Veronika Miller of Modenus and her amazing team, Florence, James and Jen who made this trip possible. 

#Sponsored: This trip was made possible on part of the Dwell on Design.  I received compensation in the form of travel and an event ticket in exchange for my review.  I take pride in reviewing only products and events that I feel will be beneficial to my readers. While the trip was sponsored, all the opinions are my own. I hoped you Enjoyed a peek in LA's largest design event! 

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What did we see? PreFab Homes, Outdoor living in trailers, sustainable materials and practices, design showcases,  keynotes with Karim Rashid and Jonathan Adler, the introduction of the new luxury hybrid Karma Automotive, and construction resources. 

This event was abuzz with a display of who's who in design, with over 200 exhibitors, and keynote discussions as the editors of Dwell Magazine and  Dwell on Design 2018 and returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

Putting our toes in the Pacific!

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THE RECAP: Dwell on Design embraces the modular trend with a series of private residences and Air B + B homes to embrace the land, light, and sustainability.

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