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 outdoor furniture patio updates

With summer here, we are dreaming of lounging outside as long as possible in the cool evenings and early morning rays.


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Artist Spotlight Online Art for your Home
Shop Art:


Best of the LA Design Trail: Luxury Home Decor Studios in Los Angeles

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We're sharing some of our favorite shops and showrooms from the 1st annual launch of the LA Design Trail, which tours Luxury Home Decor Studios in Los Angeles.  

How to Create Visibility for Your Business: Consider a "Visibility Package"

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Elevate your Design Business with our "Visibility Package" today! 

If you want to increase your reach and brand visibility, take charge today and allow us to help you elevate your brand and get you noticed. Deborah brings a unique business perspective to building a “Visibility Package” as well as the deep digital and social marketing experience necessary for all Companies and Brands to thrive in the future. 

We Help Get Your Business Noticed:  "Visibility Package". Beat out the competition and keep your business on top!

For small businesses, the Internet presents incredible marketing opportunities that were once only available to much larger organizations. Now anyone, with the right tools and knowledge, can increase their brand’s visibility with a few clicks and placement noticed through social media.  The best brands combine traditional media with social media. Its just cost-effective and smart business. 

YouTube #322 DEBORAH VON DONOP : Online Monetizing and Visibility Packages for Your Business

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#322 Deborah von Donop: Interior Designer, Blogger, and Speaker.  Learn more about "Creating Visibility for your Business" and  "Monetizing your Website"  as presented at the Design Bloggers Conference in LA, 2018.

Deborah Von Donop: Understanding Why and How to Monetize Your Interior ... to find out what Deborah has to share about upping your game in social media. ... To contact Deborah, or to get her Visibility Package go to DvD Interior Design Deborah von Donop is an Interior Designer, Decor Blogger, and MOM.

MODERN MAKER CREATOR : Artist Bryon Hanlon

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A strong focal point is important in any room, and classic timeless rooms are always well appointed with art.  Creating a focal point gives the eye a place to rest in a room full of furniture, patterns.  Many times when working with clients, Art is our starting point for our design, color selections, and arrangement. 


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Dwell on Design: The largest Design Fair on the West Coast

 Sponsored: Succulents, Fast Cars, and Beautiful Decor. Last week I had the pleasure of attending Dwell on Design in Los Angeles as a member of a DesignHound Design Tour courtesy of  Modenus, The Design Resource. 

This event was abuzz with a display of who's who in design, with over 200 exhibitors, and keynote discussions as the editors of Dwell Magazine and  Dwell on Design 2018  returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the latest industry updates.  PreFab construction resources, outdoor living in trailers, sustainable materials and practices, architecture and design showcases,  keynotes with Karim Rashid and Jonathan Adler, the introduction of the new luxury hybrid Karma Automotive, and more! 


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Sponsored: In case you've been avoiding social media, we've rounded up some of the top homes presented at last week's LA Design Event, "Dwell on Design".  We met Jonathan Adler, Drove the ultra-luxury hybrid " KARMA " car, we were inspired by industrial designer, and thought leader Karim Raschid, and were entertained by Dwell with a special VIP dinner with LA's architects and designers at the sensational Barrington Residence, in Brentwood, CA. a 2017 Home Tour inductee.  
eric-rosen-architects-barrington-dwell-on-design-designhounds-dwell magazine-modern home-tours-assemblege-chacol

The Dwell Home Tours is always a wonderful opportunity to see in person the many new architectural delights and an opportunity to tour million dollar properties in Brentwood, Belair, and Hollywood Hills above the city with amazing views. Take a look:

WELL DESIGNED BUSINESS PODCAST : We Talk Visibility for your Business and Making Money Online

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Exciting News! 
I was interviewed by LuAnn Nigara on her PODCAST, "A Well Designed Business." 

a-well-designed-business-podcast-luann-nigara-inteior-design-podcast-dvd-interior-design-connecticut-designerDeborah Von Donop: Understanding Why and How to Monetize Your Interior ... to find out what Deborah has to share about upping your game in social media-Visibility-Package- DvD Interior Design Media
#322 Understanding Why and How to Monetize Your Site

Deborah von Donop
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