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Yes, wallpaper is back and it's wonderful.  I know, I too have my memories of scraping that old yellow wallpaper from the past off of many walls to clean them up with a fresh coat of paint.  It felt like an instant update to any room. Yet, the options available today have me wanting more.  It's looking great in the entry, the bathroom and on the ceiling. 

But enough chatter, let's take a look at everything from florals, to wood textures, murals and more. 

image via Addicted to Style

Going for the BOLD
Look to add color and pattern for the ultimate impact.  Flavor Paper is my go to source for an interesting paper like this one shown above. 

Flavor Paper 

Wallpaper is a visual obsession lately . Fashion is first, and home decor usually follows. I'm a little obsessed with wallpaper lately so indulge me little bit. I like patterns, color and different motifs. 

image via HGTV
Drop it Modern is the added surprise that completes this luxurious Bath for HGTV House of Bryon. 

Green and white is a very popular color choice this year. (design note) This reflects not only the color of the year " Greenery", but also an interest in motifs again and desires to connect with nature. 

Entry interior design via Mindy Day Image via

My go to company for bold graphic and fragmented patterns in wallpaper and fabrics is definitely Thibaut. They have many colors and usually a coordinating fabric option for upholstery and drapery. 

interior design by Annie Anderson
The garden inspired wallpaper in this dining room/ library is sophisticated, warm and welcoming. (Design Tip) Notice the extra drama added by the orange banding, the finishing touch on this wonderful room. 

interior design by Ann Lowengart Interiors
WOW!  Sometimes it takes a show house for a designer to show their creativity.  I am in love with he color explosion in this room. The papered ceiling is the final detail that brings it all together with continuity .  

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Holiday House Interior Design by Iris Dankner via Wallpaper Projects

With the advancements in digital printing, a new era of paper is available.  This custom wallpaper was spotted in the Holiday House Stairway by Iris Dankner with  Brooklyn-based Wallpaper Projects: a boutique design studio specializing in custom made wallpaper for Architects and Designers.

Eskayel is an Eco friendly New York Surfaces Company. They  make everything from wallpaper, fabrics, accessories, and beautiful rugs! 

image apartment therapy 
paper by Ellie Cashman 
I especially like patterns, exotics, and find lately myself enamored with sexy moody florals (as seen @elliecashmandesign ). With the abilities offered through digital media, one can take a print and apply it to a variety of products. 

Seen At the Architectural Digest Design Show

 @flavorpaper rocks the house with this collaboration with @OvandoNY a wonderful NY florist. #adds2016 great wall drama #designhounds by @dvdinteriordesign

Because of the surface area it consumes, wallpaper packs a big punch. A wall covering is one of the easiest ways to add interest to any ...
here is a highlight from Instagram at the Architectural Digest Home Show.  Flavor Paper 

image via Kelly Deck

Great pattern for a ceiling. 

This is a great way to add a graphic pattern to your space.  The ceiling is often overlooked when is comes to thinking about pattern or color. The wall space has also been used wisely for storage and for maintaining a a clean look. 

Add personality to a bookcase.  

This wallpaper with its bold pattern adds personality and a pop to an otherwise nondescript bookcase. 

 Shibori MK wallpaper and Poppytalk

MK Wallpaper 

Tastemaker: Poppytalk for Milton and King Wallpaper. Vibrant pastels are also very hot right now.  Really fun to pair vibrant colors into your accessories as well.

image via HGTV

Lindsay Cowles 

"Lindsay Cowles Voted one of the “Top Emerging Artists” by Art Business News."

This is the paper you saw!  
Often someone will ask for a paper recommendation and while I have no favorites, this is one of my favorites. Lindsay is a contemporary abstract expressionist based in Richmond, VA.  She paints large-scale abstract paintings with bright, bold color and energetic movement.  
Lindsay Cowles 
Grass cloth to die for.  Makes my heart flutter

Etched Arcadia Mural

Bird Sanctuary 

Greenbrier Hotel
Carleton Varney: President of Dorthy Draper: Greenbrier Hotel An Iconic Dorthy Draper look that is reinvented with bold use of color and pattern and of course, green and white. 

Vogue Italia
Motifs and Murals 

Wood patterns

Cloud Patterns 

Folkloric Wallpaper 

Ann Jackson Art via Bradley Showrooms

Serena and Lilly

Cherries Wallpaper  

Serena and Lilly
Lemons Wallpaper 

Root Cellar Designs

Root Cellar Designs
A boutique Print studio of wallpaper and fabrics founded and curated by friend and fellow interior designer Tamara Stephenson and her partner Susan Young. Shown above is a current installation in a powder room for Holiday House, NYC.  

Zoe Design
Beautiful installation by Zoe Design.  This looks like a handpainted mural, but it is finely detailed and 1/2 the cost since it is printed.

Ellie Cashman Design
More of Ellie Cashmand because I can't get enough.

Autumn flowers via Floral Coloray

Ann Jackson Art also via Bradley Showrooms

Updates from High Point!

Yes, the use of toile is beautiful in new places such and the bedroom with a romantic feeling accented with love birds and your lovers' name carved into the trun of one of the trees.  This romantic scenery is from the design studio of Rebel Walls.  

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Thank you!

Kelly Wearstler Home

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