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10 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer : dvd Interior Design Newsletter

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What are some questions that you should ask a designer when you are meeting for the first time? 

If you are considering working with an Interior Designer or Decorator, you may wonder what to ask them when interviewing different candidates.  It is important to get to know each professional and listen to their responses to your questions. 

This is not HGTV.  This is reality.  

Lush Decor Feature: How To Incorporate Shabby Chic in Your Home

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This is World Market : Home Decor for Your Home

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There are many new and established e-commerce stores and sites popping up every day to shop online for home decor, furniture and accessories. While we always advocate checking ing out Retailers in person to know the quality and scale of prices being offered, it is just not geographically possible for many.  
We would like to share a few practical and elevated solutions that you can have delivered right to your door.  

Whats on our Radar 8_1_2017

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Inspirations Gallery

  • Wallpaper Trends: Digital printing has made wallpaper a whole new game.  See our extensive list of Wallpaper Sources and some of our favorite new designs. 


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You're Invited:

As an Ambassador for #DIFFA2017 I invite you to join us in raising money and awareness for the continued effort to eradicate AIDS from this world. I am so excited to see all my DESIGNER FRIENDS SUPPORTING one of the strongest semi-annual fundraising events in our industry, DIFFA !  Join us to launch the 6th New York summer edition of "Picnic by Design".  This is an

Shop My Style Design News and Products

Title Posted by Deborah (at) dvd Interior Design Studio is a boutique interior design firm in Metro NY area known for their modern interior design approach, with a flair for the unexpected.

Many of our clients don't know where to start. Given the right options of products and accessories, they usually will choose beautiful pieces to compliment a beautiful home. 

We're inspired by our travels to new and frequent designations and we wanted to share some of our latest obsessions. Travel time

Our Best Online Decor Resources For Your Home and Office

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Whether it is your first home or your third home, I know it is hard to shop for all the needed items and accessories. It doesn't matter if you are moving into a larger house, or downsizing to a smaller one, many of you have expressed frustration at the task of refurbishing and selecting new furniture, art, and accessories for your new rooms. Whether you are a millennial or a boomer, you want the coolest and most unique items for your home, a place that reflects your personality, but you don't want to spend a lot of money if you don't have to. 

The Best Farmhouse Lighting for Your Home

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Farmhouse Lighting: Details that Dazzle

I am amazed at all the options available today for farmhouse lighting and the charm it brings to any home. I have been searching for a recent project ( pool house) and I thought I would share a roundup of some of our favorites that I came across in my search. 
Take a look. 
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