How to Make Money From Your Blog: Passive Income

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You have a site, you provide helpful and in-depth content and have a good readership,  but are you making money from your conversations?  It's not a big secret on how bloggers make money, they just are not always willing to share the details.  Well, the secret is out,  there are a few common steps for many bloggers who are making money on their blogs. Try some of these tried and true methods to help support your site. 

1. Create Content that solves a problem in your verticle. 

2. Attract readers with your content and promote it into other channels, not just your blog. 
3. Build engagement with your readers, ask questions, answer everyone.
4. Start making money with your readers from one or more income methods noted below.

What are these methods and how do you set up potential income streams?  

Well, I am speaking at a workshop for the Design Bloggers Conference this March 4-6th in Los Angeles, California.  We will be talking about  " How to Make Money With Your Blog" and resources for learning and mastering active and passive income for your site.  

The conference will include this and many other informative workshops and networking for the online Interior Design marketing community.

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I hope you will join us in LA for this informative Conference focused on the Interior Design Industry for professional online development, covering everything from analytics, email marketing, to content development.  It is 4 valuable days of learning, networking and creating plans for the advancement of your business online.  

The Design Blogger Conference 2017: Last year I wrote a full report on what happened at conference 2017 ( here ).  One of my favorite speakers was

Design Biz : Great Sites for Submitting Your Articles

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Sites for Interior Designers to Submit Articles

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic: This is the golden ring for any blogger trying to build their website and audience.  One of the best methods for increasing your traffic is by submitting your valuable articles to larger publishers for better audience exposure. 

Top Christmas Home Decor and Gift Ideas

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Christmas Decor and more.

Christmas decor for your living room, luxury interior design

Decorate your home this holiday season with our chic decor inspiration and gifts guides. 


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Don't let tangled lights and broken ornaments dampen your holiday spirit. This year I upgraded my Christmas decorations storage and it has made unpacking much easier. READ MORE

Christmas Wreaths and Garlands You Will Love

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With the holiday just around the corner, we are adding decorations, winter greens, and natural elements to our home to create an elegant and warm welcoming space for the holiday. 

Decking the Halls with Boughs of Holly! 
Whether you are greeting your guests at the door, or serving dinner and cocktails this holiday, you will want to also decorate your house to welcome them and celebrate the season.  We have a few ideas and resources to prepare for the holiday.  

10 Trends On Our Radar For Your Home

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Trends Seen and Heard at High Point Market 

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“It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. 
If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.” 
– Anna Wintour

As I toured around High Point Market and visited with a variety of our vendors, I couldn't help but feel the traditional induction into the insiders market.  The journey to North Carolina for High Point Market is a tradition for Interior Designers as we become enlightened with the knowledge of trends about to surface in the approaching year.  High Point is literally millions of square feet of showrooms


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Don't let tangled lights and broken ornaments dampen your holiday spirit. This year I upgraded my Christmas decorations storage and it has made unpacking much easier.  I have many holiday themes such as nautical, silver and gold, woodland animals etc.  ( much to the chagrin of my husband ) which leaves us with many, many ornaments to go with each theme.  Packing and unpacking each ornament and other decor items in the past has been very time-consuming. 

This is a list of some great organizing boxes and storage bags that have been extremely helpful in maintaining the many heirlooms and decor investments that we will use year after year and that we will be able to fit into small spaces.

Pin it for later! 

Don't let the busy Holiday Season leave you unorganized. With all the STUFF that comes with holiday entertaining and decorating, I


Our Favorites:
Great Gifts Under $75 

High Point Market Trend Report and Fall Market Review

High Point Market 
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Highland House | Century Furniture | Bernhardt | Tomlinson | Younger + Co. | Duralee | Universal Furniture | Scott Living | Sunbrella | Crypton | Green Apple Home | Bend Goods | Phylum Design - Chris Dunker | ModShop | Lloyd Flanders | Theodore Alexander 

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High Point Market Colors and Keywords
I had a wonderful week here with fellow blogger friends and the Design Bloggers Tour at High Point Market. Being part of a community is what made this market so wonderful for me.  Many of you have been following along on my Instagram feed as I share interesting products and vendors seen this year from the Market.  
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