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Some say it is so hard to buy gifts for me. Hopefully, this list will make it easier. 

THE RECAP: Fall fair season has officially kicked off with High Point Market Opening next week.  

Meanwhile: Chanel launches its RTW line, here.  What do you think? 

Event Spotlight High Point Market: We've been selected! Design Bloggers Tour

Get The Scoop on High Point Market 

So pleased to be attending High Point Market as a participant of the Design Bloggers Tour created in partnership with Esteem Media. 

Why Visit 

Visiting High Point Market is pivotal for the Interior Design community as it allows for us to learn from some of the best professionals in the industry and to update our sources. This is the place to see new color trends, visit your

Tour Tulum The Anti- Resort Vacation with dvd Interior Design

Finding Sanctuary On The Mayan Riviera


If you know me, you will know that my preferred mode of vacation is one where there is the opportunity to immerse myself in Nature, ( Earth, Water, and Sky).  Finding peace within our chaotic lives and creating the ideal flow, symmetry, and balance, are the hallmarks of the sanctuary.  While my work as an Interior Designer is to provide sanctuary for the homes we work on, so of course, a vacation sanctions similar goals.

For many people, having a moment away from our everyday life, positioned in new places to learn about the local culture, food, and a new environmental region is a way to find sanctuary and a renewed sense of SELF in this world. Luxury in life is wrapped in our experiences more that into things. If you can travel to these places with friends or family, well, it gets even better. Here are some highlights of a recent trip I took to the Rivera Maya in the Cancun region of the Yucatan, Mexico. 

Some points of interest on the Rivera Maya: The Caribbean Coast of Mexico

10 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer : dvd Interior Design Newsletter

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Designing the interior of your home should be enjoyable. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to do well without the experience and understanding for interior spaces, how they flow and the best construction investments and design for a home that suits the needs of your space.  I am surprised by how many people will actually spend their budget on building or renovating their home without considering the interiors or consulting a Designer. 

What are some questions that you should ask a designer when you are meeting for the first time? 

A Designer will provide practical ideas for the use of your space in addition to designing interior cabinetry, lighting, moldings, hardware and more to enhance the house and make it more enjoyable and livable. The will also select and coordinate the right furniture in the best layout for your life, with colors and materials that will enhance your sense of comfort.  Designers can also help maintain budgets and circumvent change orders or mistake that can cause added costs that may occur during construction by planning your space with you before construction starts.  They also have resources and trades people that the homeowner will not have to provide the best pricing on furniture and services that will increase the value of your home. 

Lush Decor Feature: How To Incorporate Shabby Chic in Your Home

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image via Lush Decor

This is World Market : Home Decor for Your Home

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There are many new and established e-commerce stores offering a plethora of options for shopping online for home decor, furniture and accessories. While we always advocate visiting retailers in person to know the quality and scale of furniture pieces being considered, we also know it is just not geographically possible for every purchase.  
We are sharing a few stylish and elevated solutions from World Market that you can have delivered right to your door. The quality is consistent and the wonderful modern designs offered may make you a fan too.  

Whats on our Radar 8_1_2017

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Inspirations Gallery

  • Wallpaper Trends: Digital printing has made wallpaper a whole new game.  See our extensive list of Wallpaper Sources and some of our favorite new designs. 


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UPDATE: September 7th

We raised over 50K New York!  Thank you to everyone who purchased and created these amazing baskets. 

Here's a short little video. 

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