How 5 Tips for Your Dream Bath Can Make Your Life Better

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5 Steps for Your Dream Bath

A stylish and healthy home doesn't require a design degree, just some interest and the desire to create a peaceful and organized home with style.  Your home is a place where you renew yourself daily and consideration for the added benefits of a happy, healthy home are important.  When you invest in your home, you invest in yourself. Today we are discussing the health benefits of steam and the ease at which you can add this spa experience into your home.  

Elements of bath and body: Attaining and maintaining better health is a primary concern for most of us.  We hear people speak about Feng Shui, others about the Swedish method of Hygge, and of course the ever popular Kon- Marie method for creating peace and happiness in your home. 

The most powerful wellness element, and yet the most overlooked, is Steam Therapy.  When considering a bath remodel or collecting
ideas for new construction you can also incorporate Steam, Chroma and Aroma Therapy as part of the standard design consideration. see more at

5 Tips For Your Bath and Health

For your daily ritual consider adding these 5 daily treatments for overall better health, mood and physical well-being. Easy to install into your bath area, and an affordable luxury.  

  • Steam Therapy: Incorporate a steam system
  • Separate Temperature control: Install a simple heating element under your tile and add a towel warmer
  • Chroma Therapy: Include chroma therapy into your bathroom for mood and emotional well-being. 
  • Music: Add music for an optional sensory experience.  
  • Aroma Therapy: consider the use of essential oils in your bathing routine. 

Steam Therapy

Get rid of that boring builder grade Bathroom and install Steam and other essential elements of wellness for the benefit of your overall health. Get the most out of your bathroom remodel and Review these simple yet beneficial solutions for your life and the long-term quality of your home. 

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Steam enters the shower in a reverse waterfall. 

The many benefits of steam bathing for physical health

  • Cleanses and nourishes your skin.
  • Excellent choice to combat sinus issues. 
  • Good for your lungs.  Steam is a natural expectorant. 
  • Steam has been embraced for centuries for maintaining health for all ages and a variety of ailments.  Everything for respiratory issues for children and adults to elder issues including soothing of joints pains. 
  • Assists in weight loss and increased metabolism. 

To learn more about the many benefits of steam visit Mr. Steam's blog here.  

Yes, you can have steam therapy in a small bath. 

Steam Therapy works with every design style. 

You can install this wonderful option in even the smallest of bathrooms like this one shown below.  Many people are removing the tub and replacing with a shower, which is perfect for the addition of a steam shower.  Especially if this is a guest bathroom or 2nd bath. 

Your bathroom does not have to be large to afford you luxury and the steam experience. 

Design Tip:  If your room is small consider keeping the wall and floor the same value or tone as contrast can break up a room.  A blanket of color and tones that are the same on each layer will make the room feel larger. 

Chroma Therapy: The Power of Color

Add Chroma Therapy lighting to your room. It integrates into your shower area as an added option to your lighting. The CHROMA  system by Steam Therapy has six light settings for you to add to your lighting.

Chroma System offers a variety of colors that change slowly. These colors can invigorate, or calm you depending on the setting and your desire when you shower. 

Detoxifying with steam and creating calm with light can help improve your sleep. Many people use color and steam before and after exercising, or at the end of the day to clear their head. The green color is also used to reduce irritability and insomnia. Yellow to aid in digestion.

Embrace your life with Violet Chroma Therapy

Design Tip: When selecting lighting for your Bath, make sure it can be dimmed and build it to be bright with the ability to adjust to your liking. 

Aroma Therapy

Your sense of smell is powerful and originates from our primitive foundation.   Your sense of smell can affect you in many ways. Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils,  will enhance your sense of calm,  pleasure and joy. 

Add to your routine Steam, Chroma, and Aroma for a full spa experience at home. Essential oils to your steam or your heated Towel bar.  

Designing your Master Bath of Guest Bathroom takes attention to details and careful planning. Consider your needs and the added health benefits of these accessories for making your dream bathroom come alive and improving your overall health with these choices. 

Join the rest of the world by acknowledging the wellness and relaxation benefits of your home Bath. 

What are some of your favorite elements of your bath ritual? 

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