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Marketing and Growing with Instagram for Small Businesses

Instagram! It is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Many wonder if it Is really worth it, is it going to drive customers to your business?

Everyone wants to know the tricks. There are not tricks , you just need to use all the features offered and spend time engaging to be seen.

Are you looking for an Instagram marketing guide?

I've heard from SO MANY of you over the past few weeks as you're planning your goals for fourth quarter of 2019 and you're really looking forward to using Instagram this quarter to get more customers or clients, opportunities online, and make more money.

So, I wanted to share with you a few of my top tips, predictions, and lessons for Instagram to help you build your brand.

Instagram is the best social platform for interior design studios and related product vendors. It showcases visually your aesthetic and point of view in design It can attract new followers and potential clients with every image.

It is a great way to reach new customers and increase your business opportunities.

This is why I have compiled a 30 page Instagram Guide with tips and resources to help you improve your marketing on this growing platform.

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How to get your interior design studio noticed on Instagram today.

Our 30 page “E-Book on Instagram Strategies for Interior Designers” is just $37.00.

Instagram offers a more personal approach, to reaching people. In addition to being a great place to showcase your work, you can also add your personal voice to your brand. You may want to also showcase behind the scenes activities that allow people to relate to you. In my guide I share how to create the right voice, automate as much as possible, schedule and plan your Instagram content for the best results on your time.

This is a great place to grow your business brand as an interior design business, service or supplier.

If done correctly , Instagram can bring you loyal followers, an expanded community for support and a few deserving compliments. ( everyone needs more of those )

Time to Level - Up that IG game.

Our 30 Page E-Book: Instagram Marketing Strategies for Interior Designers

Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Needs To Know.

30 pages of in-depth strategies and tips for building your brand with Instagram. We offer post ideas to represent your brand, best photography apps, and how to best present your small business on instagram.

BONUS : My Instagram Tool Box:

I am also happy to share with you my Instagram Tool Box.  This is a list of tools that I use for photo editing, scheduling images, how to add additional links to your profile, and more. 

I answer some of the most common questions I hear at conferences and training events, and I am reviewing tips for the best approach on building your following and increasing engagement in this Guide:

Algorithm Changes

Yes, we have all seen a decrease in feed engagement. Why? Well, in the news it was announced that upper management left Instagram earlier this year, and that Mr. Zuckerberg has taken over managing Instagram once again. He is working to improve the experience. Hence, any changes we will see are for a better user experience.

A perfect example of some of these changes is the FB/ Insta announcement that they will be removing the like button all together. It will be different, but, don’t worry, that does not mean bad. It will be better for the user and ultimately for us, the small business, as well.

Instagram Amplification:

Amplification is crucial to the success of your published content. That's why we dedicating a good portion of this guide to discuss with you various ways you can use this social media platform to get your content seen.  I share with you a bullet-proof playbook on amplifying your business .

Here are a few core “Instagram ” questions that I am covering and strategies that will gain you traction:

  • Why and Instagram Business Account ?

  • Why most people are not succeeding at Instagram.

    • Tip: You are using the wrong metrics for success, stop focusing on the likes.

  • Why Instagram Stories.

  • Is it true that Hashtags will not be as important?

  • Are you chasing your audience, or are you attracting them?

  • Why is Photography important? Clean original photos are key for success. We offer our favorite photo editing apps to increase the clarity of your photos. These are the same apps that bloggers use.

  • How do I add links? We all know that links are key. Frustrated that you do not have over 10k in followers to add links into your stories? We have a few work-arounds for that!

  • Instagram is for conversations. How to best respond to likes and comments appropriately to build your brand.

  • IGTV is now available in landscape format! Why is this important?

  • When is the best time to post on Instagram for interior design?

I just recently moderated 2 panels “ Instagram Masters for Interior Designers” and found these “Core Tips” to be need to know answers to the pressing questions and concerns from our audience of designers and design services.


with Aspire Design and Home Magazine for their Design Tour in New Jersey, and their Fall Design Tour in Long Island.

We were amazed at the interest and enthusiasm shown for the tour and this panel. I wanted to share a recap with you on what was discussed since we heard from so many that they are looking to use Instagram more for the business to get more customer and clients.

Https://dvdinteriordesign/blog/aspire recap

Seeing how everyone is trying to grow, yet the feelings of frustration, lack of time, and the uncertainties the surround the best practices, leaves many people feeling frustrated. This is why I have compiled a 30 page Guide of tips and resources to help you improve your marketing on this growing platform.

Find out what apps to use for Instagram analytics.

If you want to grow your business with Instagram, then Stories, as we recommend, is where it all starts and you want to understand your analytics to know what works.

For example, analytics tell you what types of content are performing best, like product shots or lifestyle content, etc.

Dive deep into Instagram Stories metrics to learn the difference between reach and impressions, how to find your completion rate, and get a glimpse at the *new* analytics for creator profiles.

If the only thing you do is buy this E-Book to help you grow your business brand through Instagram, you will find neww strategies and you will have the ideas and interest to move forward from where you are today.

Download our 30 page Instagram E-Book now! 

This is a great reference book that will guide you each for 10 weeks to level up your participation, gain more exposure and stay top of mind to future customers and as well past clients who will refer you.


*We also offer 1:1 Coaching for Instagram. If you have any questions or would like to review with me in person your profile and your brand, email me at dvd2design(at) These are my favorite calls. I am here to help.

Have you ever just wanted to have someone sit you down, and tell you step-by-step how to make the idea in your head, or product in your hand become a success? 


If so, you're going to want to go right to our coaching session. 


Because today as part of our “Instagram Masterclass" we had a few people who did exactly that.


In fact, we will do more! We will also give you our 30-Page Instagram Launch Blueprint book that just makes everything crystal clear, and straightforward.


You can get BOTH here (but now for much longer.)




P.S. If you’re in Fairfield, CT you can join us at one of our boutique Instagram Events. Our latest event:

DESIGN EVENT: Save the Date: September 17th

IDS Connecticut Presents , Using Instagram to Amplify Your Business with Deborah von Donop.

Time: 10AM : Following the IDS-CT General Meeting

Location Classic Home Furnishings 1602 Boston Post Rd Milford, CT 06460

I hope to meet you in person. I’d love to spend time with you at my next live event.

First of all, I wanted to let you know that my next live event will be the third week of September, in Milford, CT. I so appreciate our design community and these "boutique" events where we all spend time together getting to know each other and learning how to grow our online and offline businesses.

So if you are located in Fairfield County, CT , join us on September 17th in Milford CT. for the 'IDS-CT monthly meeting and our INSTAGRAM event.

Amplification is crucial to the success of your published content. That's why we're dedicating an hour to discuss with you on various ways you can use social media to get your content seen. On September 17th at 10 a.m. I will share with you a bullet-proof playbook on amplifying your business with social media, primarily Instagram.


If you are unable to attend, then all my notes and even more resources are here in the guide presented above : Our 30 page E-Book on Instagram for your Business

Keynoting at the marketing event last month made me realize once again the importance of meeting with colleagues in person.

Previously I wrote about the value businesses creating value in the message, in a way to reach prospects where they are right now. I turned that into a blog post at:

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