What is a Mood Board and Why Do You Need One

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Sandberg Trend Report

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What is a Mood Board?   Color, Texture, Pattern, Mood

The purpose of a mood board is to act as a visual tool for talking to clients about concepts, branding your business, or reviewing color and the primary impression of your lifestyle to create ideas for your home. Picking out and curating images can help you find and learn more about your style preferences.

A mood board is very useful in the beginning stages of a project. This is a visual tool that helps yo define your style and preferences and is especially helpful when designing your home. You create a collection that delights you, and you can start to see them for your preferences.

Types of Mood Boards

There are different types of mood boards. They are concept tools used in Interior Design, Fashion, and Business Branding just to name a few.  


moodboard gucci fall 2018 cruise collection 1970s meets renaissance .png

Gucci by Alessandro Michele: Show Moodboards

MOODBOARDS 2017_gucci02_jpg_251_jpeg_4595.jpeg


For Interiors, a mood board will contain product images and materials like the one shown above from the Sandberg Trend Report. I too love adding elements I picked up on a hike or a visit to the beach into mood boards to help us connect to nature and its color palate. 

Other types of mood board/concept board are electronic.  These are image collections creating a mood, like this one show by June Letters.  

mood board templates for interior design and design presentation boards moodboard ideas-interior-design-presentation-boards #interiordesign #moodboards #howtomakeamoodboard #conceptboard

June Letters: Vector Templates 

These are both effective and the choice to use one or the other it is dependent on the overall budget, as well as the tools and resources available to you. 

mood board templates for interior design and design presentation boards moodboard ideas-interior-design-presentation-boards #interiordesign #moodboards #howtomakeamoodboard #conceptboard

Patio Update: dvd Interior Design 

How A Mood Board Can Win You the Project

  • It can be difficult to define emotion with words. He says, Asian calmness, and she says modern classic. These are just words. I find over and over that despite words, many times a couple will have a common ground or person will want something in words, yet visually something else altogether. A mood board is a nonverbal approach for designing and defining your look.

  • Creating the mood board helps you to be clear about your design direction and thoughts that you are presenting.

  • A mood board also helps you, the designer, visualize the design of a room, get a better sense of the finished space, and identify pieces that will complement the look as your move into the selection and specification process.

mood board templates for interior design and design presentation boards moodboard ideas-interior-design-presentation-boards #interiordesign #moodboards #howtomakeamoodboard #conceptboard

Trim Queen

Having a mood board helps you work with clients and yourself to narrow your focus, provide inspiration, create a vision that relates well to your brand for business, and lifestyle for home

Man Cave Mood board: dvd Interior Design

This is a mood board I created on an Interior Design Consultation for a single man, for his new condo, labeled Man Cave. 

Parisian Chic

This is another quick electronic mood board I created for another design consultation for a luxury dining room with handmade items as the main feature. The client loved a boutique in Manhattan that I sent them to visit, and I then created this visual to help direct them through their selections and to communicate a feel and style.  Many times I will choose electronic over actual materials depending on the project scope and fee.  Using the electronic concept method is great if you have a couple of hours to create a board.  

Anyone who has attended design school knows that material boards can take a long time to beautiful perfection.  Sometimes paying for 10 -15 hours for the beautiful board, isn't how a client would choose to spend a portion of the design fee. These tools for-a small or budget project will keep them simple yet effective for great communication and a streamlined process. 

image via: Coloringsite of Ginny Macdonald Design

This is a Farrow and Ball color Board by Coloringsite:  On this beautiful board, they are showcasing new colors and creating a story around their selections. 

How to Make a Digital Mood Board.  

Here are some tools to make a Mood Board for Interior Design Presentations.


Adobe Spark

Adobe Illustrator


Google Slides: :Yes my friend Carla Aston shared this little trick with me.  The best part, they are FREE!

The Design Network: TDN

June Letters

Electric Trends: This is a company that offers training and courses on creating beautiful mood boards like this. 

PowerPoint  Collaborate for free with an online version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Save presentations in OneDrive. Share them with others and work together at the same time

Canva Create beautiful designs with your team. Use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations and more. 

mood board templates for interior design and design presentation boards moodboard ideas-interior-design-presentation-boards

image via Eclectic Trends: resource below

This list would not be complete without a mention of Pinterest. WE collaborate with clients through the project on a group board of ides. Here is my on of my most popular boards: dvd Interior Design : Kitchens

Collect and play with images.  It is best to create these boards over a few days.  Add and remove images and materials as more oar contributed.  This is something the is learned through doing.  Enjoy the process and learn to move things around and edit with the clients' input and responses.  Use your keywords (only 2-3 is best) and allow the board to communicate these words with better depth and understanding.  

If you would like me to create a mood board for your home design, then email me through our INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTATION package. 

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What is a Mood Board and Why do you Need One?