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design business, blogging income, how to generate passive income online, passive income opportunites online.

You have a site, you provide helpful and in-depth content and have a good readership,  but are you making money from your conversations?  It's not a big secret on how bloggers make money, they just are not always willing to share the details.  Well, the secret is out,  there are a few common steps for many bloggers who are making money on their blogs. Try some of these tried and true methods to help support your site. 

1. Create Content that solves a problem in your verticle. 

2. Attract readers with your content and promote it into other channels, not just your blog. 
3. Build engagement with your readers, ask questions, answer everyone.
4. Start making money with your readers from one or more income methods noted below.

What are these methods and how do you set up potential income streams?  

Well, I am speaking at a workshop for the Design Bloggers Conference this March 4-6th in Los Angeles, California.  We will be talking about  " How to Make Money With Your Blog" and resources for learning and mastering active and passive income for your site.  

The conference will include this and many other informative workshops and networking for the online Interior Design marketing community.

design bloggers conference speakers dvd interior design deborah von donop

I hope you will join us in LA for this informative Conference focused on the Interior Design Industry for professional online development, covering everything from analytics, email marketing, to content development.  It is 4 valuable days of learning, networking and creating plans for the advancement of your business online.  

The Design Blogger Conference 2017: Last year I wrote a full report on what happened at conference 2017 ( here ).  One of my favorite speakers was
Laurel Bern, who knocked it out of the park with her talk sharing the steps that she took to take her blog from underperforming, with no connections to creating highly profitable site selling products and a robust readership that has allowed her to become a full-time blogger.  Whether growing your design business or online presence the formula and principals are the same. " Make 100k + A Year Selling Interior Design" 

design bloggers conference, passive income opportunities online, how to generate passive income online with my blog
Design Bloggers Conference in LA, CA

Creating Income from your blog is always the pressing question on any blogger's consciousness.  Having a site can be expensive.  You need a professional site, a host, and all the tools and time that go into maintaining a Blog, this costs money. You want to be able to offset the costs.  

I love how some bloggers/ influencers have been publishing their earnings every month for us to see what works best and what doesn't. I pour over the information like a box of chocolates.  I just love the transparency and the willingness to help others by the bloggers who prepare and share these reports. Read and learn from them when you find them. 

design bloggers conference, passive income opportunities online, how to generate passive income online with my blog
How to generate passive income online with your blog.

If you are an Influencer/  blogger, I wanted to share with you a Tool Box of potential websites and networks for you that I have found helpful for creating income.  You don't have to spend money to initiate some of these resources. Most have minimum balances before payout, but they are great programs to get started, and some will even pay for just clicks and not just for purchases.  I am no expert, but I want to share with you a few that are tried and true.


You need lots of traffic to make money here. (Tip: Start by monetizing your most popular posts, then add new posts monthly )


Affiliate website broker. This is the first site I ever used when working with affiliate links.  This is also a premier network and they have great Brands including, but not limited to: Wayfair, Belle and June, Electronics, Wine Clubs, and more.  

CJ Comision Junction: 

Affiliate website broker. I find that they have everything that "Share a Sale" does not have.

Amazon Associates:  

Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs to signup for and promote. This is an easy site to find and share products from for a variety of reasons.  
A.  They have everything!  
B. People trust this site.  So when you refer someone to visit Amazon, the will immediately feel comfortable shopping on this site, they may even already be a  prime member,  making them more likely to purchase products recommended.  
C.  I met with Amazon at High Point, and I am here to tell you that Amazon is expanding aggressively into home furnishings market, which is good for a decor blogger, (but maybe not for the interior designer).   


This affiliate network is another favorite and is great for beginners.  they represent ETSY,  which is full of great products and services. 


Affiliate website broker. Payments via direct deposit or check.


This is a premier affiliate broker.  You must have over 150k UMV and be referred.  If you have the traffic this is a broker with seamless tools for your Blog and Instagram.  They also host wonderful networking conferences to attend.  


If you do not have the traffic required for RewardStyle, this is a great network to start with.  Easy to use tools and you receive a small credit for clicks on your site, not just purchases. So if you do not have enough traffic to convert sales, I recommend you start here. A great selection of Home Decor brands is also available.  

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These are networks that you can join, and they will send you weekly opportunities for product representation. EACH IS A SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCING PLATFORM  that brands will enlist to help expand a Brands reach and readership.  You can sign up with each as a publisher/ influencer interested in paid opportunities and the Network will seek out the brands interested in reaching new customers through social media networks and blogs. 


Sverve provides comprehensive campaign management solutions that enable brands to connect with the right influencers instantly, track and measure results, and gain superior ROI. Sverve offers hands-on solutions like blogger outreach as well as automated campaigns like Pinterest sweepstakes, targeted tweets, and YouTube promotions. Leading brands in consumer, lifestyle, food, family, and health are using Sverve to gain word of mouth marketing across social media channels.


Social Media network for campaign opportunities. Paid Posts: You are selected from your internal media kit/ profile


Paid posts and Affiliate listings. Average post for me is $100.


Paid Posts 


Write Posts for $5 and up. Average post for me is $100.
Paid when account balance reaches $50 

AD Networks

Most bloggers make thier oney in advertising. 

Google Adsense: 

Adsense- Your readers click ads on your website or homepage, but you can also receive money from Pageviews 


Amazon also has an Ad Network.

But Sell Ads: 

You can set up and sell ad space on your site where ever you choose. You are the direct broker, setting up pricing and advertisers. 

Hearing the words " passive income " is also a little misleading.  It takes a lot of work to develop a large amount of traffic needed to be successful at earning money from your site. But with a little planning and focus, you can increase your traffic, newsletter subscriptions, social following and ideally, your earnings through sponsored content, advertising, and affiliate marketing today. 

This just the tip of the iceberg.  Attend our workshop at the  Design Bloggers Conference this March 4-6th in Los Angeles, California. You will walk away with an action plan and tips for the new year, new blog, and online success. 

DESIGN BLOGGERS CONFERENCE SPEAKER deborah von donop dvd interior design

click image for more information 

Are you currently working with a great network that is helping you pay for your site and time?  Please share here in the comments. 

blogging tips, ho to make money with your blog, passive income for beginners, interior design profits, best for interior design bloggers

I will be sharing some of more of my favorite Resources at the DBC for you to learn how to get started and improve your existing funnels: such as The She Approach  and ........... Join us at the Conference for more

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