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Are you wondering if there is a better way to invoice other than with Word documents or Excel and increase your productivity?  We've made a list of the best interior design apps and software for you to reference for starting or improving your business tool. These are our best suggestions to support you in managing your business and increasing your bottom line. 


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Whats in your "Interior Design Toolbox"? We drafted this guide to help you create the blueprint for running your own successful Interior Design business.  These are tools that help you communicate with your clients, fellow team members and increase your productivity. Your expertise is what brought them to you, now you can increase your profitability with the right tools for invoicing and presenting.

Best Interior Design Apps and Software

Invoicing your Time and Material 

  • Quickbooks: This is the #1 most popular Accounting Software, make sure to add your company logo.

  • Quickbooks and Excell:Combined are very powerful, easy to use, and since this is the most popular most accountants use these tools, so hiring someone to assist you is easier.

  • Zero:which can be linked to Harvest( time tracking)

  • Waves App: You can customize this tool with logo and more. This will help keep track of hours, has builtin invoicing, income and expense tracking etc. I can go from proposal to invoice at a click of the button. You can also scan business receipts from your mobile. Did I mention that it is FREE!

  • Studio Designer:Accounting and Project Manager Software in a cloud for Interior Design Professionals

  • PayPal: Free to signup, a small fee per transaction. Also offers followup communication and request for payments.

  • Invoice2Go: Create invoices on any device, send a request for payments via email, and accept credit card or PayPal payments. You can also automate reminders.

Staying Organized/ Team Management / Time Tracking

  • Trello:Great for project management.

  • Harvest App:Easy time tracking in real time for the whole team.

  • Mydoma Studio;They offer online mood boards, shopping list, and project collaborations for interior designers.

  • SmartSheet : Smart-sheet is designed to unleash the benefits of greater work agility and collaboration by providing a powerful platform for organizations to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work. Smart-sheet empowers teams to execute with speed and accountability — and make better decisions, faster.

  • Norton Identity Safe:Password Tool: an Encrypted tool for keeping your passwords.


  • Morpholio Board:Great tool for layouts and collages. Board combines your perfect products library with a dream set of tools and the mobility to work or present anywhere. Welcome to the future of interior design.

  • Mydoma Studio:Great system for creating mood boards to send to clients. You can even include affiliate links if the client is to purchase on their own ( E-Design Service)

  • PowerPoint:Great tool for working on your phone or PC. Easy to access anywhere.

  • Polyvore: Free, and a great app for creating mood boards.

  • Google Slides! Yes, google slides for layering and creating a pdf, jpeg, png.

  • Canva: Create great Social Media Graphics, edit photos, and create blog post images.Apps for Drawings

  • Noteworthy: Uploads plans and you can add notes

  • Modsy: 3D modeling tool, a realistic rendering tool you can use. This is a service by the room. To see more about this service, see review by Vintage Rugs here: Review

  • Studio by Minute Matters: this graphics software is for interior designers and has wonderful features and functions as a valuable tool for interior design.

  • Sketchup combined with Podium ( cost-effective choice.) for interior renderings.

best interior design apps and software for invoicing , drawing, rendering, project mangement, invoicing quickbooks, modsy 3d renderings , rendering services for interior designers

MODSY review  via Britany Makes 

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  • Are you considering hiring an Interior Designer to assist you?10 Questions to ask an Interior Designerwhen interviewing for the right relationship. Here are a few questions to review so you are prepared for the interview and meeting.

Popular Books for Interior Design Business 

  • Recipe For the Press:Amy Flurry's new book for Interior Designers and the best methods for getting published

Book Keeping / Purchasing/ Business Software

  • Designer Advantage : Designer Advantage provides bookkeeping, project accounting, and expediting services exclusively for Interior Designers.

  • IVY: Make Time For Design(*update 2018, due to the recent purchase of IVY by Houzz, many designers are not interested in using this tool from a perceived conflict of interest)

  • Home Styler

  • Minute Matters:easy-to-use design software, quoting solutions, fabrication tools, and organizational systems. They give you the tools to assist clients in visualizing their dreams! One of the best tools out there!

  • Quickbooks and Excell combined

  • Xero,which can be linked to Harvest( time tracking)

  • Waves: Which you can completely customize with logos. Keeps track of time.

Visual Marketing 

Having the right visual marketing tools at your disposal will help you create compelling visuals on a consistent basis – even if you are a non-designer. Strong visual content is necessary if you want to better tell stories and keep your audiences engaged in a more impressionable way. It is also one of the best ways to stand out from your competition. 

  • Canva: Create great Social Media Graphics, edit photos, and create blog post images.

  • PowerPoint

  • In2Design

  • Adobe

Great programs for Interior Design Video Conferencing, Webinars, Video Creation

  • Zoom: Host video meeting, conference calls and record them

  • Easy Webinar: webinar stream and record.

  • Telestream: easy video editing on Mac.

In the Field

Apps: additional thoughts on letting your phone multitask in the field

We have apps for project management, time tracking and creating mood boards.   If we missed anything, a tool that has been invaluable for your business, please let us know and we will add them to the Tool Box. 

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 Thank you for stopping by! Leave me a comment if these tools were helpful, and if there are any you would also reccomend for running your design business. Have a great day!

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