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Discover some of the most inspiring podcasts for designers and other creative professionals. 15 essential design podcasts to add to your playlist right now. From Business of Home to an essential great list of a few you may have never heard of, ...



Clever is a podcast about design.

Well, actually, it's about designers, too. Sure, they're visionaries, problem-solvers, critical thinkers, rebels and aesthetes, but above all, they're human. Designer Amy Devers and Design Milk's Jaime Derringer are having candid and revealing conversations with these super-smart people because, well, relating to the humans responsible for the objects and environments that shape our lives can result in a more meaningful connection to the built world.


B / A / D talks 

John Kilfoyle, Paul Reidt and Linda Kochman

The idea for B/A/D Talks provides a community with a forum for shared interests and an opportunity to have full conversations in a non-commercial setting. Kyle Hoepner is the role of moderator of B/A/D Talks.

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Well-Designed Podcast 

Luann Niagara usually doesn’t require an introductions. Her curious mind and acute business sense has propelled her to the top on design podcasts. She curates an interesting list of interviews and always provides articulate recaps and takeaways that leave you satisfied for the time spent listening.

*Click here to hear an interview with Luann following my presentation at the Design Influencers Conference.


The Architecture Happy Hour: 

Laura Davis and Holly Hall

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Dennis Scully : Business of Home Host

Dennis Scully : Business of Home Host

Can’t get enough of this podcast: I follow every interview and wait patiently each week for updates and new interviews. !

The Business of Home Podcast: Each week, host Dennis Scully, industry veteran and Editor at Large contributor, sits face-to-face with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to analyze the changes and challenges facing the home industry and interior design community.

Ippolita Rostagno

Ippolita Rostagno

The rise and rebirth of DominoHomepolish’s plans to transform the business model of interior design, and the future of fast furniture are just a few of the topics on tap in the new Business of Home podcast, which launched in 2018.

The Interview that got me hooked: Ippolita Rostagno

Convo by Design

Josh Cooperman is a speaker, writer, publisher, host, brand manager and product designer with over 25 years in the broadcast industry most notably serving as serving as the Sales Manager and Director of Motorsports for CBS Radio in Dallas, Texas and the General Manager/ Program Director for Playboy Radio. Cooperman, a devotee of design and architecture, he developed the Convo By Design platform to promote and tell the stories of those behind remarkable design.

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Convo by Design - CXD : Josh Cooperman

Convo by Design - CXD : Josh Cooperman

This guy is true to his journalistic roots in the refinement of knowing his subjects and the art of the interview.

NKBA TALKS elle-h-millard jennifer-bertrand national kitcehnand bath podcast.jpg
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KB Talks - NKBA

Meet our podcast hosts, Elle H-Millard and Jennifer Bertrand! They're bold, energetic and they really know their stuff. KBTalks - Powered by the NKBA is the only podcast dedicated to supporting and growing all aspects of the kitchen and bath industry. Get ready to be inspired! 

Available on iTunes and Google Play.



From the many magazine pages and multiple top 100 lists, comes the voices of Gensler Design Exchange for the community to peek behind the design curtain of the thoughts and influences happening daily in the studio

Gensler + Associates, LA, was my first employer out of design school, CSULB. The professionalism and creativity that lives in this firm are always a great intersection of aspirational and intelligent design .

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Kimberly Seldon : Business of Design

Kimberly Seldon : Business of Design

The Business of Design: Podcast 

Kimberly Seldon

Fellow CSLUB graduate and Interior Designer Kimberly Seldon is the voice of reason and growth for your business.  She has a weekly podcast, and private FB Group of Private Clients, and a series of books.  All available to elevate our business practices from experience working with high-end clients.

Top 10 PODCASTS for Bloggers  (+ one for good luck)

Raw Milk Podcast - Beth Kirby | Creative Business

Create If Writing - Kisten Oliphant

Smart Passive Income - Pat Flynn (also has a YT channel) Love this guy. Constantly teaching methods that can actually make you money through smart monetization, key strategies for landing sponsors, and more.

Social Media Examiner _ Micheal Stelzner 

Pitch It Perfect  - Julie Solomon 

Problogger Podcast : Darren Rowse : Straight outa Melbourne. Darren’s blog was one of my fist authorities for navigating the blogging landscape. His information is relevant and always helpful since he continues to evolve with he space.

Blogger Genius Podcast - Jillian w Milotree 

Amy Porterfield is amazing!

Elise Gets Crafty,

Side Hustle Nation,

Entrepreneur on Fire


Robeson Design : Rebecca Robeson

Karen Bohn

The Interior Design Advocate: Donna Hoffman Interior Design

Amy Porterfield is also on Youtube !

Convo by Design is also on YouTube : Josh Cooperman

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs: A few more notable design podcasts that I listen to

The Mortified: Hilarious 

HerMoney with Jean Chatzky: Jean Chatzky 

School of Greatness : Lewis Howes

Life on Fire  : Nick Unsworth

Hay House World Summit Podcast : various speakers

Ask Gary Vee – Gary Vaynerchuk

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Welcome to the Blissdom Podcast

Join Alli Worthington as she shares about the heart, vision, and wonderful guests behind the Blissdom Podcast. We'll also answer some of the most common questions you have before attending this incredible event November 14th-16th in Nashville, TN.


 Meagan Francis & Sarah Powers are the dynamic co-hosts of The Mom Hour podcast, and co-owners of Life, Listened, a podcast production & advertising agency focused on parenting & women's lifestyle shows. Together, Meagan and Sarah have over 25 years' experience in digital media.
This November , this pair will be leading the  "Let Your Podcast Work For You: The Secrets to Monetizing Your Podcast" workshop at Blissdom Conference in Nashville this year!  

Ill be attending and participating at Blissdom as a Community Leader this year.   DM me if you will be there too.  I am so excited to return to Blissdom as I attended the last and have been missing this amazing conference ever since. 

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Dallas architect Bob Borson, FAIA, is widely recognized as the blogger behind Life of an Architect—one of the world’s most popular architectural blogs. As an emerging voice within the architectural community, he has bridged the gap and engaged multiple generations of architects and architectural enthusiasts by sharing his personal experiences, professional practice tips, and anecdotes on what it’s like to work with and be an architect.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Bob and spending 3 days with him While judging the NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Design Competition. It was a lot of work, but a little fun was had with this wonderful crowd . Bob is a modern day renaissance man. He can do it all! His knowledge, keen eye for detail and delightful breath of music knowledge was amazing. Add to that, this man could sketch beautifully, and daily . So refreshing in this day of technology, the art of the sketch was refreshing.

He should have been a DJ….

Young House Love Podcast: John and Sherry Petersik from the blog: Young House Love.

Conversations about home improvement, design, and life at home. Episodes filled with casual decorating advice, DIY stories, interviews with experts, and a smattering of tips and ideas that can help you simplify, organize, and update your home. Sherry and John Petersik are the married duo who began chronicling their home improvement adventures in 2007 on the blog Young House Love, which spawned two New York Times best-selling books, as well as product lines sold by Target and Home Depot. And, well, now they have a podcast.

Podcast for design YoungHouseLovePodcastJohnSherryPetersik.jpg
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Ballard Design: Ballard Ladies

Ballard has introduced their new decorating podcast — How to Decorate. You can listen in the iTunes store, on Google Play, and on Stitcher.

I recommend: Podcast, Ep. 90: Brooke and Steve Giannetti of Giannetti Home and Podcast, Ep. 82: stylist and editor Stacy Kunstel

Kandrac and Kole:

These two delightful interior designers offer a lively conversation about the latest trends, travels to industry events, current design projects (the good, the bad and the ugly), do's and don'ts, product recommendations and more. They are true to thier motto, and offer lots of positivity and smiles to the discussions.

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Tastefully Inspired Podcast: Mark McDonough

Nicole Halland Show : Nicole Holland https://thenicoleholland.com/

Marketing and Management. Also know as the Business Building Rockstars Show itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/business-building-rockstars/id1094491108

10 Design Podcasts to Listen to Right Now _ Decorating & Design Blog _ dvdinteriordesign.png

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