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Graham & Brown

How do I calculate how much wallpaper I will need for my room?

You will need to work out how much wallpaper you need before you buy. Make sure you're not left short when installing, and you don’t want to over spend and buy too much.

Use our wallpaper calculator

Measure your room wall by wall. Enter your measurements below to estimate appropriately

Wallpaper Calculator
Galbraith & Paul  www.galbraithandpaul.com .  See something you like? Available through dvd Interior Design.

Galbraith & Paul www.galbraithandpaul.com.

See something you like? Available through dvd Interior Design.

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need Formula:

Wall area, - 20 square feet per door, - 15 square feet per window, and all of this divided by the usable number of square feet per roll (average).

For American rolls this is:

0"-6": 32 square feet

7"-12": 30 square feet

13"-18": 27 square feet

19"-23": 25 square feet

How much wallpaper do I need? How many rolls do I need? What is the total cost?

Our wallpaper calculator requires you to input some data first. It includes the following values:

  • Room dimensions: you need to type in the length, width, and height of the room. If your room has a different shape that a rectangular cuboid, you can also input the surface area directly. We recommend that you measure the height of your room anyhow if you want to include pattern repeat into the calculations.

  • Doors: you can leave the default dimensions of doors or customize them. Once you will type the number of doors in, the wallpaper calculator will find their area automatically.

  • Windows: again, you can choose the default dimensions or type in custom ones. If you have windows of different sizes in your room, you can also calculate the total area manually and input this value into the appropriate box.

  • Wallpaper specifications: these includes values such as the cost of one wallpaper roll, its length, width, and the paper repeat (measured vertically). All of these values can be found on the wallpaper packaging.

Once you type in all of these values, our wallpaper calculator will find the following for you:

  • Adjusted height: this is the actual length of wallpaper you will need to use per stripe to account for the pattern repeat.

  • Adjusted room area: takes into consideration both the pattern repeat and openings.

  • Number of rolls: the total number of wallpaper rolls you need to buy. This number is always rounded up.

  • Total cost: the total amount of money you need to pay for your wallpaper.

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Some of Our Favorite Online Resources for Wallpaper!

It's Back!

Yes, wallpaper for your home is back and it's back in a big way!.  

Despite all those tiring memories of scraping that old yellow wallpaper from the past (1970?) off of many walls to clean them up with a fresh application of paint, I am excited to add paper as an instant update to any room, interior design with wallpaper can be fun. The options available today have me forgetting those painful memories and wanting more.  It's looking great in the entry, the bathroom and on the ceiling. It is a welcomed trend shift for an update. 

So here are the latest prints and designs of wallpaper designs for your walls, ceilings and bookcases. Take a look at some of the best interior design wallpaper, everything from florals, to wood textures, murals and more.

 ( click here to see Part 1 of our selections) Timeless and Classic, Funky and Fun

( click here to see Part 2 of our Selections ) Motifs and Murals , Custom NY Printers and more.

wallpaper flavor paper kids room vaboom designer vinas .jpg

image via designer Ghislaine Vinas with Flavor Paper, photo via Garret Rowland.

Flavor Paper 

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Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily

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Here’s another Wallpaper Calculator for simple calculations

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need Calculator

Height of Walls (ft):
Sum Total Length of Walls (ft):
Number of Doors:
Number of Windows:
Width of wallpaper roll:
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Wallpaper Calculator to Estimate How Much Wallpaper You Will Need

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