For many people, appliances are the workhorses of the kitchen.  New advances in kitchen technology are offering improved functionality, better and faster cooking options, along with better style, color, and design options. 
GE Monogram Design Center Chicago  to test appliances kitchen trend report monogram renovation tips induction cooktop best oven advantium oven kitchen design
Another noted trend this year: A two island Kitchen with GE Monogram Appliances 

What are the best ranges and cooktops to buy?  What is the best oven?  We visited the GE Monogram Design Center in Chicago to test,  compare and cook with the latest kitchen appliances.  We evaluated and learned more about the options and benefits of inductions vs. gas, refrigeration, and more so we can assist you, our client, make the right decision for your lifestyle and improve the investment in your kitchen with the best choices.

Five Essential Appliances to Consider for Your Kitchen Renovation

12 Kitchen Designers from across the US were invited to the Monogram Design Center in Chicago, to learn and experience the latest in kitchen appliance options in the marketplace today. 

Spots for this 3-day experience event are completely sold out by the middle of the year which is a testament to the increasing popularity and interest in learning more about the kitchen appliance choices available today and how to cook with these new features. 

Check out my highlights. 
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Making friends in the Kitchen
Annie, Jill and Laura- Laura Burton Interiors, Monkey in the middle Jordan- Jordan Michael Design, Kathy - Kathy Moran Interiors, Linda - Interiors by Blackwood, Deborah - dvd Interior Design  (not shown: Amiee - Kitchen and Lifestyle Designs, Carla- Carla Aston Designed, David - Bravo Interior Design )

 If you follow me on my Instagram channel, you may have already seen snippets of my recent visit to the "Monogram Experience Center" last week.  I have a lot to share with you about what we learned and cooked and all the updates in choosing kitchen appliances today and how Monogram is raising the bar of excellence and health in your kitchen.

Lunching and Learning

If you are a decor enthusiast, it is no surprise to you that kitchen and bath renovations dominate the construction market.  I visited with GE Monogram Appliances to learn more about this US-based appliance manufacturer and their latest offerings.  They spend a tremendous amount of money in R+D to provide premium grade appliances that allow you to function like a chef in your own kitchen.  It's all about increased functionality, style, and the latest technology.

What is the benefit of smart technology in the kitchen?  What was my favorite new appliance to be introduced?  You may be surprised by my answers.

What is the Monogram Experience Center?  Can anyone attend?
Is Monogram an appliance I should consider for my home?
What are some of the items that are splurge-worthy for the kitchen?
What about the smart kitchen is really going to work for me? 
What is chef Jon's favorite appliance? 
How is the craftsmanship, and integration with cabinetry?  This is one of the hardest parts of kitchen design, appliance integrations. 

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Firstly, I would like to thank Monogram for inviting me to Chicago, and for all the hosting, training and dining!  We had a great time cooking and learning every day!!  (yes double exclamation points) It was even more fun having time with my friend Carla Aston from Houston and the opportunity to meet other great kitchen and bath designers from across the US.  We all became instant friends in the kitchen these 3 days cooking together.

This is my experience and I hope you enjoy all the nuggets that I was able to learn and now add to my conversation when working with clients.  The Monogram Experience center is a place to educate and entertain consumers on the benefits of cooking with the latest advancements and how these introductions are there to improve your experience and overall health and wellness.  Anyone can visit.   They have lunch and learn sessions every week.  Check out your local Monogram Design Center for their schedule. 

After spending three days cooking and learning I must play favorite to two appliances that are splurge-worthy......

Induction Cooktop
I have always recommended the induction cooktop.  This is the standard cooktop in Europe and America is just beginning to embrace this cooktop over the gas or propane tops. I highly encourage everyone to use the inductions.  Why?  They are the safest and most energy efficient cooktop.   There are no open flames of coils for someone to accidentally make contact, and the surrounding surface never gets hot.  It also turns off if not in use! 

Note: Other brands do make induction tops, but not the lighter color like the monogram top in silver.  

Chef John comparing Gas cooktop with Induction
So easy to use. 
Monogram Convection Top in a lighter color! 

Advantium Speedcooking Oven
Hands down I recommend you invest in my favorite, the Advantium Speed Oven in the 240v for the ultimate wall oven. It is 6 ovens in one: convection, microwave, warming, speed, broil, and pressure allows the food to cook evenly every time while also reducing your cooking time in half! You can combine it with a larger professional oven if you are wanting two ovens, with the larger of the two for roasting a large turkey or roast every year at holidays. 

Pizza Oven
Yes, I'm sharing more than just 2 favorites, I took a liking to these workhorses in the kitchen too.  I love the GE Monogram Pizza Oven for a variety of reasons.  First things first...... 

This oven is NOT just for pizza, it is an extremely hot, quick cooking appliance that is also ventless! YES, ventless.  This oven is like a pressure cooker that also crisps your food super fast! During events at my local  CT Monogram Design Center, our local chef @chefJayLeBlanc will usually roast Oysters Rockefeller, root vegetables, asparagus, crab cakes, crunchy chicken wings and other delights in this oven.

GE Monogram Design Center Chicago Pizza Oven review Design Center Norwalk, CT  Aitoros
GE Pizza Oven 
Chef @JayLeBlanc of Aitoros in Norwalk, CT

Double French Door Convection Oven 
I have also like the faster cooking ability of the electric convection oven for the last few years.  The promise of healthy cooking with full flavor and nutritional benefits, convection ovens are capturing the attention of homeowners. I particularly like the French Doors on this oven to allow for easy opening, with one hand both doors open for easy access and less floor space/clearance is needed when opening the doors.  Great for smaller kitchens or kitchens with two chefs moving about. Full extension oven racks are also another great detail. 

Added functions and value are created through Innovative Aesthetics and Function. 

Design Tip: When renovating or creating a new build, I always like to shop with my clients for appliances first.  The choices made and the requirements for water, electricity, and venting will become the driving force for a kitchen design.

The Good News 
If you are purchasing new appliances, know that many of these new features save time and improve the convenience of cooking and meal preparation along with superior performance, making many appliances more functional and easier to use.
 We visited a Monogram Design Center in Chicago last week and have so much to share about #kitchendesign and the best appliances for your home remodel or new build.  #elevateeverything  #kitchendesign  Monogram including Monogram Ovens, Ranges, Refrigerators, Dishwashers and more.

Visit your local Design Center for a closer look and a personal cooking experience to help you in choosing the right appliance and cooking style for your home.  This is a time / and financial investment that affects the equity of your homes and the quality of your kitchen and cooking experience everytime you cook.

Did I help you make a decision on your next appliance purchase?  Let me know what your favorites are and what are you cooking lately. Also, You can visit a design center near you and experience the knowledge and great food from the chef onsite! 


Top of the Hancock Building, Chicago, IL

Moi, Amiee, and Carla of Carla Aston Design on top of the world in Chicago! 

L-R: Amiee, Carla, and Chicago friend, Sarah of Sarah Montgomery Design and dvd. 
( we missed you, Claire and Kayla! )

We're experts now! 

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