The Best Farmhouse Lighting for Your Home

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Farmhouse Lighting: Details that Dazzle

I am amazed at all the options available today for farmhouse lighting and the charm it brings to any home. I have been searching for a recent project ( pool house) and I thought I would share a roundup of some of our favorites that I came across in my search. 

Take a look. 



Fabulous long entry hallway featuring rustic wood plank ceiling punctuated with Arch Lanterns over chocolate brown hardwood floors. Large windows and detailed ceiling are further accentuated with the lovely interior gray barn door on rails.


Farmhouse Lighting for your Entry

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Must have Bedroom Ambiance

Farmhouse Lighting for your Bedroom: 

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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen for and inspired home. 

Farmhouse Lighting for your Kitchen:


Modern Farmhouse Lighting for your Bath:

Unique Outdoor Lighting: Rustic Farmhouse Style


Farmhouse lighting for Outdoors:

What’s your favorite farmhouse lighting?

I'm am inspired by this look and love absolutely everything! We always offer options for clients and allow them to decide what represents their aesthetic. We only present what we like, so there is no wrong decision.

Did you see something here that you like? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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More Farmhouse Lighting to ponder.