Kitchen Refresh: 5 Ways To Update Your Kitchen

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“If you look at the statistics, people spend most of their time in the kitchen. Aside from the backyard, it's one of my favorite places to renovate.” - Vanilla Ice

I've been thinking often about ways to upgrade my Kitchen without a complete overhaul.  I like the layout, I just want to add some updates. Remodeling doesn't always have to involve a big budget and weeks or months of construction.  In order to save on the cost of a major renovation, I have been considering these possibilities.

Update your Kitchen with these simple changes.

  • New Faucet

“I am happy to have some friends here in the kitchen.” -Charles Olson

American Standard: Beale Pull down / Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Bring your Kitchen into the 21st Century with the latest technology.  A stylish new faucet is a major upgrade for a kitchen and is easy to install for homeowners because they do not require you to cut any pipes or plumbing joints. 

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Kitchen by dvd Interior Design 

I installed the Beale Touchless / Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in stainless steel because I like the shine.  It is a great improvement from the previous fixture with its new technology and modern look. 

My Plumber was also very impressed.  He commented on how easy this fixture was to install, unlike some of the other fixtures people select. (They will remain nameless)  I am always interested in the opinion of my plumber, he is working in the field day after day installing repairing and replacing. His knowledge base is a source of direction for avoiding unknown pitfalls.  

Ease of installation and common maintenance issues are always considered when assisting my clients with their faucet selections. 

Kitchen design via dvd Interior Design 

For me, the pull-down faucet was an option I personally prefer. My children are also super excited about the on / off sensor,  which allows them to turn it on and off without even touching it.   

Luckily,  I had an outlet below to power my garbage disposal, so I was able to plug my new faucet into an existing outlet to power the sensor.  If you don't have an outlet under your sink, you can consider the battery pack option that is available.  

"Look Mom, no hands!" #stylemyfaucet sneak peak. We are sharing 5 ways to update your kitchen for a big impact. We just installed the Beale Touchless / Pull Down Kitchen F

  • Open Shelving

Another new trend in Kitchen design is the use of open shelving. We love the look but don't always have an open wall to add these, so with a Kitchen Refresh, removing the doors from an existing cabinet and creating a display area in an open cabinet you can have the same effect. 

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  • Coffered Ceilings

The 4th plane.  The ceiling is the most neglected and under-appreciated element in most rooms. The first to be cut when budgets are tight, but a major impact for a complete room.   

A coffered ceiling adds drama and a finished and aspect to any room. Add drama to your kitchen by installing coffered ceilings.  Here is a great article, "How to install a beam and panel ceiling" to get you started and to simplify the process.  

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  • Pendant Lights

Another great idea for a kitchen renovation is to replace the old light fixtures with something more exciting and modern.  Just this simple step can make a big difference in the overall impact of the space. Lighting is a special accessory.  I refer to lighting as the jewelry for the room. 

Tom Dixon Lighting on Amazon

  • New Hardware

If your cabinets are still in good condition, you can consider upgrading the existing hardware.  New hardware is very affordable and available online.  Your kitchen will have a dramatic effect just by adding updated hardware. 

Kitchen design via dvd Interior Design 

It feels good to add new items to my kitchen. Shown above is onw of my favorite projects in Rye , New York for the most lovely of clients. Materials: White Arabesca, Simply White Cabinets, and Driftwood Oak island. The shelving is custom. Next, I will be talking about paint colors and wallpaper! I hope you enjoyed these tips and I look forward to sharing more about our updates next week

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Custom Shelving With Glass:

Metal finish: Brass,

Shelf available in Wood or Glass,

Size Made to any size

To the trade: email me for pricing dvd2design@gmail

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So in love this Kitchen renovation by Jennifer Cavors Design  Boston, MA 

Looking for a Kitchen Island or Lighting?

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