How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost and What Are The Phases of an Interior Design Project?

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The Design Experience: Our Signature Process dvd Interior Design Basics.

At dvd Interior Design, my ultimate goal is to nurture and support my clients in their vision, manage their money like my own, and execute the furnishings and construction build-out with the best vendors and service people in the industry.

The Interior Design Process is a series of steps that a designer takes when working on an interior design project. After designing for clients for well over a decade, we have found that a simple process works best for our clients, giving them the best complete overall result. Deborah von Donop of dvd Interior Design Reveals Best Practices and Process


Kitchen Design : 3D image : dvd Interior Design

Kitchen Design : 3D image : dvd Interior Design

  1. Initial consultation, Analyze Client Style

  2. Preliminary Design Phase Concept and Budget...

  3. Design Development Phase: Final Plans and Pricing ...

  4. Construction Documents and Furniture Procurements. ...

  5. Installation and Construction Administration.


In Interior Design and Kitchen design, we find this 5 Step Design Process to work best. Since our goal is to make the design and build process enjoyable and comfortable for our clients, we have outlined the 5 steps here for your review.


Here’s how it works,


INITIAL MEETING AND INTAKE with Deborah von Donop or Senior Designer.

AFTER we have a chance to speak on the phone about your project and your goals, we will book our first meeting we will discuss your project, your preferences and identify the key requirements. This appointment has a cost of $385 for an approximate 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour visit, payable prior to the meeting with a credit card, or at the meeting with a check. Information from this meeting helps us collect information to define the overall project and budget. We start to identify everything from your style, how you want to live in your home, vision planning, estimated budget, timelines, and expectations.



OUR Minimum project fee is $5000, for a room. This will offer services for a single room design, like a kitchen or master bath. It could be more, however, depending on the overall scope of work, size of the room, and additional areas to be added.

ONCE WE have a singed agreement to get started, we prepare ON-site measurements and photos are taken. The final criterion is further discussed and the design team starts preliminary concepts and drawings to review expectations and cost expenditures to make sure the vision and the budget match expectations.

With kitchen design, in particular, functionality takes precedence over aesthetic. Before we even know what a kitchen will look like, we have to know how it’s laid out, how it will work. The aesthetic is easy. The look of the kitchen will always reflect the style of the architecture and the client’s desires.



This process, lasting several weeks, culminates a full design presentation, complete with a digital presentation and samples to touch and feel that surprises and inspires when our clients see the vision beginning to take shape.

Now that we’ve gotten to know you better, our designers will then create a comprehensive presentation of finishes, selections, and design boards to help you visualize the overall look and feel of your project.

New Construction/Remodeling: Planning your spaces, selecting finishes – flooring, countertops, cabinetry, millwork, paint colors, lighting and architectural detailing. Together, we are building your design from the ground up.

Decorating: Space planning, selecting your furnishings- rugs, lighting, window treatments, wallpaper, paint colors, accessories and more.



THIS IS the life-changing phase! After approval of the design, which is within the established budget, we turn our vision into a reality. Our client’s personalized design is being made, ordered, and delivered to our receiving warehouse over the coming months. If our client is renovating or building a new home, this is where construction is taking place. Then, our full-service installation process allows you to enjoy while we set up your magazine-worthy space, complete with all the little details that make your life better and more beautiful.



MOST of our work has been completed. site visits are always done by our as a bundle. Usually, one time per week is typical for us to check in on the overall progress. We work closely with our architects, contractors and service vendors to ensure the highest quality results. Onsite meetings are charged at an hourly rate of 225.00/ hour.

Design fees generally include:

  • Programming - verifying site and project parameters in detail

  • Schematic Design Presentation

  • Two or three additional meetings or shopping as required for the project

  • Documentation of the design with drawings, general notes, and specifications

  • Digital storyboards are included depending on the project.

How Much Does an Interior Designer Cost?

Interior designers may charge hourly rates, flat fees, cost-plus or a combination. Here's what that means for you.

Average Interior Design Fee: on average, a typical interior designer will cost $2,000 - $5,000 per room, excluding furniture. When purchasing furniture and other items usually a designer will offer items at cost (trade cost) plus a fee of 15 -25 %.

A fixed Fee structure or an hourly rate is usually quoted for most interior projects. An hourly rate of $75/hour - $250 /hr for principles, will vary based on years in the industry. for larger projects and fee will be derived from the overall square footage of a project.

For single room renovations, and Online interior design service offer support with an average cost of $185 - 1,500 with fee usually capped per service.

dvd Interior Design E-Design: Check out our e-mail consultation to help you with your design dilemma.


Our experience has helped us to make sure we deliver quality solutions and products to our clients through a structured process. It is hard to have all the answers in the beginning, but we find that the process will reveal all the answers as we move through a project. Just trust the process for the best results for your project.

Initial In-Home Consultation

Every Project begins with an In-Home Consultation. Book Your today with no obligation. This is our chance to give you all the details of our service, a changce for bothof us to see if it’s a good fit, and for your to manage the project with our direction should you choose that path…

Book Your Consultation Today

Initial Consultation: up to 1.5 hours
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Our services include any or all of the following:

  • Space Planning

  • Furniture, Accessory, & Art Selections

  • Custom Window Treatments & Bedding

  • Furniture Design & Production

  • Re-Design

  • Finish Selections

  • Construction Documents

  • Construction Administration

  • Purchasing, Procurement, & Installation

Learn more about Deborah here: About If you’re interested in our Residential Interior Design Services, let’s schedule a time to meet and review!


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