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Artist Spotlight Online Art for your Home

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Elizabeth Lennie 

A strong focal point is important in any room, and classic timeless rooms are always well appointed with art.  Focal points give the eye a place to rest in a room full of furniture, patterns.  Many times when working with clients, Art is our starting point for our design, color selections, and arrangement. 

Luckily, there are many artist marketplaces, and individual artist offering their work online. I am sharing with you affordable art that you can buy online. Curate your own collection. Find sensational savings on large canvases, photography, artist originals, and more by purchasing directly from the artist online, or an online artist support community. 

Take a look:

modern maker creator ct interior designer dvd interior design meighan morrison art .jpg

Local Connecticut Artist : M Morrison Art

dvd interior design modern maker megan morrison art bridgport ct.jpg

Local Connecticut Artist : M Morrison Art

gina julian art modern maker creator dvd interior designer.jpg
modern maker creator gina julian art dvd interior design.jpg
artists artnet vivianne sprinford

Vivian Sprinford  available through

Jenny Komeda: Little Green Notebook

Jenny's Print Shop

Jenny Komeda Art

Bryon Hanlon 

For more on Bryon Hanlon's work, see our post here: Bryon Hanlon 

Annie Selke : this women is such an inspiration.

Annie Selke 

NATURAL CURIOSITIES is a “to the trade” resource and a great go-to for designers. While they do sell to the public , it can be on the pricey side. Contact a me to purchase. dvd2design(at)gmail. This is one of the best online stores for art. They are based in LA and their founder, Christopher Wilcox, has been collecting artwork for more than 20 years, hence the fabulous collections.

I am obsessed with the Paule Marrot

Sally King Benedict 


Carrie Penley Art


YES, Supporting artists has become easier with online retails offering an audience and e-commerce platform to sell. Minted is another place to buy art online. They have modern art, posters and more.

Here are just a few of my favorites currently offered on the site.

minted art for your home dvd interior desgin art and acessories

Minted Art: limited additions

Luckily there are many awesome art marketplaces popping up online, which make it easy to order framed works and support artists. One such marketplace is MINTED

Minted started out with stationary and still does great printable invitations and such, but what I love most is their art marketplace. They use a crowd-sourcing model to decide which artwork will sell, and they offer multiple framing options for each print. 

Lynne Millar

Saatchi and Saatchi Limited Collections

Elizabeth Lennie

Blue Print Store Collections

Brenda Bogart: Landscape Collage 

Yes, this is also Brenda Bogart! Frenchie Portrait 

ETSY is another place to meet an Artist:  

Claire Elsaesser 

Recommendations just for you:

 Jess Frank's Art 

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