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Design Biz What We Learned While at the Design-Bloggers-Conference, design-influencers-conference-Interior Design Business, amy-flurry, miles-redd, Jamie drake, dbcla

"Community and Knowledge "

I am back from Los Angeles and the 2018 Design Bloggers Conference, hosted at the Beverly Hilton and created by Esteem Media.  This is the only conference of its kind and I have so much to share with you. This was my third time attending this conference, and I am always so inspired with new ideas for my business and blog when I return home. 

Whether you are a designer looking for better visibility for your business, or a design blogger looking to gain better insights, traffic, and income, this is the "Event of the Year" for you. 

I attended many insightful and inspiring lectures over the 3 days of the conference. Top of mind for me is always, how to create passive income?  This is a pressing question for anyone blogging and creating social content. Blogging and social media are time-consuming and an expense to maintain.  

Here are some of my snapshots of inspiration here for you. 

"A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats"
Deborah von Donop : Workshop: Income Funnels for Your Site. 

First things first.... I presented a workshop this year, " Income Funnels for Your Website", where we talked about sponsorships, advertising, and affiliate links.  This was also my first experience presenting in front of over 300 people!!
( yes double exclamation points)   A big thanks to Esteem Media for all the hours they invest in putting this conference together and for raising the bar of excellence in our industry.  I am passionate about blogging and the wide net it has cast for me in our design community.  I was dishing out all the insider tips and resources for my fellow designers to use in their business.  

If you were not able to attend, or are looking to review key points, I am sharing my notes and frequently asked questions from the workshop here: Notes From The Design Blogger Conference: Income Funnels for Your Blog.  

If you are blogging, then this is a conference that you may want to consider attending both for information tracks focused on the design industry, and of course for the comradery. 
*update 8/18: the conference has been renamed: Design Influencers Conference. Esteem Media always brings in top Influencers in the Industry to expand our resources and tools to implement into our own businesses. 

deborah von donop-jana-phipps-design-influencers-conference-
Myself and Jana Phipps aka Trim Queen 

I have been creating content on my personal blog for 2 years now.  I was not consistent at first, but this past year I knew I had to commit to creating more content weekly if I wanted my audience to grow.  Blogging is hard work, in addition to working in Design and raising a family.  The hustle is real. 

With my 20+ years as a designer, plus 4+ years as an Editor for Blissfully Domestic, an online magazine and national community of home and family contributors, combined with 5+ years in e-commerce, you would think that my blogging journey would be clear and fast to profitablility.  HA! That's why I recommend attending conferences like this to grow your knowledge base and to create a supportive network of like-minded people. The social landscape is always shifting and it is important to stay up to date and resourceful. 

Consort Design , Mat Design Biz What We Learned While at the Design Bloggers Conference, Interior Design Business, amy flurry, miles redd, Jamie drake, dbcla , ;ori dennis, trim queen, lamps plus, beverly hilton
dvd + Jana Phipps / Conference Scholarship Recipients/ The Beverly Hilton / Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone of Consort /  Lori Dennis / Audience of designers and social media managers 

This is my experience at the conference and my personal experience of blogging.  In addition to collaborating with designers, bloggers, social media marketers, influencers, and brands, we attended parties and visited museums. It was a wonderful event and impactful on my business. 

Keynote:  Miles Redd 
For those that don't know Miles, he is every bit as charming and inspiring as he appears. And where does he get his inspiration and ideas? BOOKS: That's what makes Miles tick.   Everything he creates and what moves him is from something visual.  Inspirations from books are touchstones for Miles. My favorite quotes: 
" I own color." - MR
" Trust your gut." MR 
 “Your vendor is just as important as your client.” – MR
“You’re only as good as your workrooms.” – MR
" Buy the best, you only cry once." proverb - MR

Keynote: A conversation with Jamie Drake and Mayer Rus 
Yes, decked out in gold in honor of the Oscar's, Jamie and Mayer allowed us to listen in on their coffee talk about design business, licensing, partners and more.. 
" True antiques are missing from our life." -JD 
My favorite: " Always line the INTERIOR of the front hall closet in something interesting, such as Ultra Suede in a wonderful color." - JD 

Conditions of Serendipity by Adam Japko of Esteem Media 
" Influencers are changing brand marketing strategies as Brands are dedicating more time and resources to influencer marketing." AJ
Adam is the force behind the DBC.  He spoke to attendees on Monday about algorithms, social media, and the rise and fall of our ability to see more than just our interests on the internet leading us to live in UNDESIRABLE bubbles.

Design Biz What We Learned While at the Design Bloggers Conference, also know as design influencers conference , amy flurry, miles redd, Jamie drake, stacy kunstal of dunes and duchess


Co-Emcee Stacy Kunstel of Dunes & Duchess, who also moderated a discussion. 
Stacy Kunstel introduces editors from the nation’s top magazines and asks them what’s on every designer’s mind—”How do I get my project featured in those magazines?” Editors will share what they’re looking for and how to submit your work.
Don’t submit your project to more than 1 publication at a time.
Don’t send huge files that take forever to download. Send through low-res jpegs in the initial pitch.
Once you’re ready to send through the hi-res images, send through all images in one folder and make sure to label all photos and folder with your information.

Social Media Etiquette & Tips by Ann Sage, of City Sage w Jeannie Hays and Bryon Mason of Aphro Chic w Jill Waage of Traditional Home
Ann Sage sharing mission values! 
Schedule one day every month for inspiration.  Here is her calendar outline on what to post for you: 
1. Around town: Visit museums, new community etc.  
2. Talk about the  Unique. The unique person, place or thing. 
3.  Highlight a project you are working on. 
4.  Share something personal.
5.  Friday follow
6.  Maybe a giveaway/ Travel/ Behind the scenes. 

The Journey Into Books by Carolyne Roehm and Julie Cohen 
"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill

Farah Merhi 
Design Biz What We Learned While at the Design Bloggers Conference, Interior Design Business, amy flurry, miles redd, Jamie drake, dbcla, blogger inspire me home,

Instagram Communities by Farah Merhi of Inspire Me Home Decor

Farah Merhi is a Designer, Editor of the blog "Inspire Me Home Decor" and most recently the owner of 3 private lable lines, one of them previewing on QVC this year! 

Virtual high five here for Farah. 

Farah offered insights into building Instagram communities with brands to collaborate in reaching fans and eventually customers.  Farah leveraged her community to launch her business online through her own social feed. 

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design-influencers-conference-Design-What We-Learned-While at the Design-Bloggers-Conference, Interior Design Business, amy-flurry, miles-redd, Jamie drake, dbcla, deborah-von-donop, dvd interior design bloggers, social media speaker
Moi: Dishing the details on earning income from your website. 

Income Funnels for Your Website by Deborah von Donop of dvd Interior Design 
" Create income funnels on the blog using advertisements, affiliate links, and sponsored content." -dvd

Publish, publish, publish.  You can't start a cold engine. You need to publish regularly to gain traffic and build your email list. All income earning concepts are dependant on traffic. 

Design Biz What We Learned While at the Design Bloggers Conference, Interior Design Business, amy flurry, miles redd, Jamie drake, dbcla, consort design  

New Product Line by Consort Design
Matt and Brandon offer insight into millennial markets social media strategies. 

This dynamic duo has also transformed their design studio offerings into a retail shop, Consort , and now their own private label products focused on the millennial market.  All this would not be possible without the support of their Instagram feed.  (and a few investors) Takeaway comment: " Make sure your Instagram grid is looking good." 

Closing Keynote by Justina Blakeney of Justina Blakeney
A designer, artist, and author.  Justina doesn't need an introduction.  She also has recently launched her own private label products. 
" Our job as a designer is to help people live their best lives. " JB 
" Decorating is deeply connected to the quality of life." JB 
" Success is going from failure to failure 

Also noteworthy were: 
Susan Wintersteen with Savvy Giving by Design
Being impactful through design!  A concept I have been chewing on for over a decade.  I'm feeling a calling here and so may you.  Visit for more information on changing lives through design and creating spaces for children with cancer to heal at home. 

design-influencers-conference-Design-What We-Learned-While at the Design-Bloggers-Conference, Interior Design Business, amy-flurry, miles-redd, Jamie drake, dbcla, deborah-von-donop, dvd interior design bloggers, social media speaker

A great time was had by all.  I'm looking forward to next years conference, the  Design Influencers Conference, in Atlanta, GA.  For more information visit: Design Influencers Conference  #DI2019  

For more about the Design Bloggers Conference, you can listen to our interview with Luann Nigara: A Well Designed Business

WELL DESIGNED BUSINESS PODCAST: We Talk Visibility for your Business and Making Money Online

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you found the conference recap insightful.  I would love to know if you are going to be in Atalanta for the 2019 DI Conference.  Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you!

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To learn more about how to get your business noticed and how to create better visibility for your business in this competitive B2C landscape we offer a Business Visibility Package to clients who are looking for assistance in the  Social Media landscape.

Design Biz What We Learned While at the Design Bloggers Conference, Interior Design Business, amy flurry, miles redd, Jamie drake, dbcla

THE RECAP: To see more photos and product highlights from our trip to High Point Market read our previous posts " HIGH POINT MARKET INTRODUCTIONS". 
For more takeaways on the Design Bloggers Conference, visit my friend  Linda Holt Creative (here) or Jana Phipps / Trim Queen (here) or Carla Aston Design (here).  Now you know everything! 
Meanwhilewe are headed out to DWELL ON DESIGN  April 5 -7 in LOS ANGELES!  As part of the DESIGNHOUNDS TEAM, I will be reporting from the LA on all the new introductions an highlights of this west coast showFollow along on Instagram here. Not to miss!
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See our favorites from the DWELL home show and house tours onmy INSTAGRAM FEED

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Design Biz What We Learned While at the Design Bloggers Conference, Interior Design Business

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