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Interior Design Styled by Your Life: 

Have a room that you just can't quite get together? Somehow something is off about it or doesn't quite feel/look right? Are you a person who knows what you like but feel unsure about the next step?

Designing your home is a big project filled with little details that can cause you stress and extra expense if not addressed properly. Working with a designer can offer you the best resources, and solutions from the beginning. If you want to achieve great results , then working with an interior designer can elevate everything. Consider an in-home consultation to help you feel better about your choices and direction.

dvd Interior Design offers Design Consultations in your home.

We meet you in person at your home to help with, beautiful Interior Design, and Kitchen Design solutions that fit your lifestyle in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

You want to work on your home yourself, but you need a plan, help with color consulting, a furniture layout or a knowledgeable sounding board before you proceed. A good designer knows how to make a home look great with their creative skills and knowledge of room flow and the best resources. 

We listen to you and realize that your home is created over time, layered with stories and memorable objects, and lots of love.  We want our clients to fall in love again with their home and create living spaces that reflect their style and personality and renews them daily as they walk through the door.  If you are located in Fairfield county, Connecticut, we are here to help.

Change your Home, Change your Life:

Interested in seeing how we can transform your home?

At dvd Interior Design, we help you create your personal paradise, a place that makes you happy to be home every day. We offer full interior design and home outfitting services.

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We believe the built environment can have an effect on emotional and physical well-being.

We furnish and decorate, but there's so much more to what our interior design team will do. We can fully outfit your home with all home essentials from furniture, lighting, rugs and including bed linens, dishes and silverware, and towels. Everything you need for a fully custom luxury living experience.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help! or ph:203-609-1547

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Old Greenwich, CT Kitchen + Great Room Renovation

Old Greenwich, CT Kitchen + Great Room Renovation

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Initial Consultation: up to 1.5 hours
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After: Option 2



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  • We Love of Decorating. When someone truly loves what they do for a living, it shows.

  • Our positive attitude is the key to conquering challenges.

  • Professionalism. We pride ourselves on our professionalism. This is a business and we take your desires, and budgets seriously to always manage the bottom line with the best results.

  • Hard-Working Nature.

  • Great Listening Skills.

  • Creativity. We are artists and manager all wrapped into one.

  • Detail-Oriented: The beauty is in the details, and this is the basis for success.

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To learn more about our process and the options for working with us click here: "  Our Process for Success". 

In Home Interior Design Consult dvd Interior Design in Fairfield County , CT HIRE US: dvd Interior Design Services: In Home Consultation 1.5 hours.

Interior design is the pursuit of effective use of space, user well-being and functional design

Top 10 reason to hire and Interior Designer :

  1. Professional Assessment. ...

  2. Budgeting and Planning. ...

  3. Liaison. ...

  4. Wide availability of resources. ...

  5. Contacts. ...

  6. Wow Factor. ...

  7. A trained eye.

  8. Save money